If you are the one who is seeking the truth, with an open mind, deeply sensing that the world we live in is falling apart, that humanity has lost its direction, and that we have built this world of illusion with which we all are identifying our self’s with, then you are not alone.

In this world of illusion nobody wants to know, “who you are,” in the deep sense of the word, they are more interested in, what you are doing, and only for the purpose to attach man-made labels. Once the label becomes attached, we become a commodity.  The label is going to be packaged, repackaged and sold wholesale to the highest bidder without your consent or knowledge.  Everybody wants that label in this virtual world. The assessment of self is shallow, superficial, and delusional. We are facing a thorough identity crises, which reflects on the states of our affairs.

“The humanity [has] lost its way,” says Pope Benedict XVI.
“The human race every one of us is the sheep lost in the desert which no longer knows its way. And there are so many deserts. There is the desert of poverty, the desert of hunger and thirst, the desert of abandonment, of loneliness, of destroyed love.  The earths treasures no longer serve to build God’s garden for all to live in, but they have been made to serve the powers of exploitation and destruction.”

This is the most accurate statement, the naked truth, what we are all facing today.

The biggest problem is that the belief system that we have really is not our own, it is acquired; it is a product of deception and manipulation. Research shows that, whatever beliefs are learned before age 6 will determine the whole life of the individual.  We learn to understand the mechanisms that govern, which are why once beliefs are set; it is difficult or even impossible to change them. It has been established that your subconscious mind, without your awareness, will constantly search your subconscious memory and provide evidence for your established belief system, and close your mind to new ideas, regardless if they are true or not. These are the traits of those, who never find out, who they really are. They spend their lives with closed minds and utilize their powers to defend that status and thanks to them hundreds of brilliant men and women, in the past, were put on stakes and hundreds are ridiculed today. They are the calcified beacons, which will like to stop time, but really they only slow down progress. The enlightened mind knows that in this world of change, nothing, which comes stays. Heraclitus “Panta rei,” everything flows, meaning that everything is constantly changing, from the smallest grain of sand to the stars in the sky.
Max Planck the father of quantum physics theory, shared his thoughts about the subject,  “A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing the opponents and making them see the light, but rather its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up, that is familiar with it.” The archetype symbolism has profound influence on the formation of our beliefs, and archetypes have built in systems of control.

“In reality we can never legitimately cut loose from our archetype foundation unless we are prepared to pay the price of a neurosis, any more than we can rid ourselves of our body and its organs without committing suicide.  If we cannot deny the archetypes or otherwise neutralize them, we are confronted … with the task of finding new interpretation, appropriate to this state, in order to connect life of the past that still exist in us with the life of the present, which threatens to slip away from it.” (Essay on Science of Mythology, p. 76)

            If your quest brought you to this web-page, let it be your home-run. Set up your intention to know with focus, desire, and purpose. You come to this life with intention and promise, you took upon yourself the cross, which will be on your back through out this journey, and yet you landed in this life remembering nothing.  “So who am I to pass judgment on you?” The vultures of this world replaced the God with religion, leading you to believe that He is somewhere there, and if you come with your money you can buy a piece of Him, or, even worse, in His name they will send you to kill another man. Do you not see that they are trying to sell you something, which is already yours? The evil forces, through deception, will try to make you believe that you are doing God’s work.

• If you glance through this text, you will gain nothing.

• If you read and skip sentences you will learn nothing.

• If you read the text and reject it, you are not ready to confront
yourself, nor your beliefs.

These pages contain the newest research from the field of medical science, microbiology, biochemistry, physiology on the molecular level of the body function, and physics, philosophies, astronomy and theoretical physics.  The new ideas are superimposed over existing dogmas, dominating the state of our existing medical system and state of our minds. The intent of the author is to create evidence, supported by the latest scientific research, that there is a connection and communication between the mind, body, and spirit, and only the holistic approach to treatment can guarantee true healing, by understanding that only the body, the mind, and the spirit have the power to heal themselves, and we can only provide the environment for this to happen.

At the end of each paragraph, you will find a beautiful majestic picture of our planet, representing the archetypal symbol and powerful message, which shall resonate through your body and mind.  Please stop for a few minutes and while watching the scenery, pay attention to your body, and mind, if any feelings, emotions, or memories emerge, observe how your body is reacting to them. I will recommend taking notes after this experience. The feelings, emotions, or memories can be very deep, sometimes reaching beyond present life experience. It will be very beneficial to consciously relive the experiences before falling a sleep; the morning may bring surprising new revelations.
The ultimate goal for your efforts is to empower you to make a conscience connection with your higher self, which in turn will allow access to universal wisdom.  Reclaim your sovereign status of supreme authority to scrutinize and judge the belief system, which you accepted as your own. Only your higher self was created in the exact image and likeness of God. The mandalas of God are symbols of self. When the cleanup is completed, you will know that the grain of God is in you and with your renewed faith, moving a mountain will not be an issue. You will fulfill your promise.
Your conscience wakes up in this vehicle, the physical body, which is your home for now.  The physical body is an integral part of this reality and subject to every law, which is governing this dimension.  This strange material,  world of decay, pain and suffering become our reality.  The reason why we are here is to learn the purpose to love.  We will take noting back from this journey except the experience.  When you accomplish your mission, never fear death.  Death is a transition of your conscience from one reality to the other; it is a conscious experience that is quite beautiful. The body is the only vehicle we have in this dimension, which will have to last to our graduation. The number one priority is to take care of it, with out your body you will accomplish noting, you will have to abort the mission and definitely this was not your intention.
We learn a lot through out our limited senses about this material world and specially the invisible one.  I sincerely believe that the lists of killer diseases mentioned in this text are preventable, if the causing agents are detected and recognized early. We are offering these services to you through state of the art diagnostic tools and the latest preventive modalities available.  You are invited to visit us and learn more about what is available. Please see the advertisement ( at the beginning of this chapter).

I would like to thank all the scientists and researchers for their work, which are the source of inspiration and education in my research, and to express my deep appreciation to my patients, which freely contributed their time and expertise to move this project forward. Also, special credit to Dr. Robert T. Zahradniak from Oragenics for his support, advise and making available the research materials. To Dr. Virginia M. Miller and her colleagues, from the Department of Physiology and Biomedical Engineering at Mayo Clinic Collage of Medicine, for making available their research papers.

Forest photo




The symbol of the unconscious; the mysterious secrets; fertility, growth; primitive instincts; the child must enter the forest of unconscious inner self; overcome an impossible task; must face the trail alone to grow, discover mysterious  secrets of himself.


This is us viewed from the surface of Mars, the magnificent spark of reflected light on Martian sky, the home of our reality,the Mother Earth.

This is about us, Human Beings, living in an ecosystem of our planet Earth, which is a tiny pebble in the vast Universe we all are part of. We are equipped with a powerful consciousness of self, being a center of the Universe yet still preserving and including the whole of all there is. We are still struggling with the acceptance of the fundamental concept that Mind, Body, and Spirit, is one inseparable whole in perfect harmony with each of its basic components, with constant balanced energy flow through the system, keeping its function in perfect dynamic equilibrium. The slightest environmental changes can disrupt this delicate balance and then from the state of harmonic health, the system can be disrupted to the state of imbalanced disease. Many factors and circumstances can affect and disrupt the balance of energy flow, rendering the negative manifestation of system failure. The mitigation measures required to restore the balance can only be of a holistic nature, addressing the three elements simultaneously.  The powerful unshakeable consciousness will play a pivotal role in guiding of the energy needed to establish an uninterrupted flow to balance the system. The human body is a part of this system in the material reality.


Let’s scrutinize our physical existence and find out what we actually are made of and what constitutes our Human Body? According to published research the Human Body is built out of cells that number 10 to the 14th power, which is equivalent to a 100 trillion cells. The “Microbiota” represents a number of bacteria in an ecosystem which for the Human Body is estimated to be 10 bacteria for every single cell. Therefore 90% of the cells in our body are not human in origin, but are microscopic bacteria.  The majority of the body mass is represented by water which constitutes 75% of our body mass, so from 100% of the body mass only 2.5% is really human. Not much, but enough to fall in love with.

Colony of bacteria

Bacteria Colony

The situation does not look any better when we consider the Human Genome.  It is estimated that the body is controlled by 20,500 genes, whereas the small fruit fly (drosophila melanogaster) is controlled by 13,500 genes, and the round worm by 18,000 genes, so our genome does not look impressive in relation to these creatures. For a moment, let’s look at the most abundant occupants of our body, bacteria, a thousand trillion of them.  When we break them down to approximately 1,000 known species, each containing 2,500 genes, which will bring the overall pool to 2.5 million genes, versus our 20,500 genes, we have 2.5 million controllers versus our 20,500 controllers.  One does not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out who will control whom, the numbers loudly speak for themselves.


The Human genome is less than 1%, the other 99% is the controlling genome of bacteria. Bacteria are not new to this planet; they were here for billions of years developing and testing the strategies of survival. Whatever is in its armory is not accidental, they are sound strategies perfected and tested through time. We, by our research and utilizing our knowledge can manipulate to obtain control of the pathogen, but when you will scrutinize these processes you will find that the opposite is true. We are manipulated by the pathogens; they are influencing and altering the behavior of the host which will aid with the parasitic activity. There are hundreds of known strategies of this phenomena, in some instances the transmission of pathogen is enhanced by harming a host, making it available to vector or become a predator in others, minimizing harm to the host to protect the parasite’s stake in the future. For example, the virus that causes rabies infects areas of the brain that influence the aggressive behavior of the host, which then uses the nervous system to access the salivary glands where it multiplies rapidly, paralyzing the swallowing muscles of the throat. Swallowing is impaired, virus laden saliva collects, and when the host bites a potential other host, the transmission is completed.


In our reality of our mother earth the 7 billion of us ( and counting ) are working tirelessly to dissolve the delicate fabric of our environment. You my say that whatever we do with our planet, pathological bacteria does with our body. We are also, each one of us, the ecosystem for 1,000 trillions of bacteria, we are the multiple universes for them multiplied by 7 billion of us on the planet, the numbers are astronomical. The bacteria manage to colonize every single one of us without exception, this is their world and they have full control of it.

Milky Way Galaxy
In the physical plane, our presence is represented by 2.5% of the whole. Our home galaxy, the Milky Way, is estimated to have 200 billion stars and the single cell of our body contains about 100 times as many atoms than the galaxy has of stars. In order to build one human cell you will have to have 200 trillions atoms available for the task. For the moment, let’s try to visualized how big a trillion really is, the numbers popping out lethally more often all over the media, associating trillions with national deficit, but I think that there are only a handful of people who can really visualize how big these numbers are. Let’s start with something familiar, a single dollar bill.  Let’s stack them tightly in bundles on 3’x3’ standard pallet so we end up with the cube 3’x3’x3’. Then we put the pallets on top of each other, so now we will have a cube 3x’3’x6’ the size of a grown man. Now we need to find proper storage and I will propose a football field. In order to stack your double pallets of one dollar bills tightly from edge to edge of the field’s grass, you will need to acquire a hundred stadiums from most major American cities, or a parcel of 132 acres! So if someone will offer you a trillion dollars in cash, please be prepared before you claim it.

1 trilion dollars in 1$ bills in double stacked pallets = 132 acres which is the size of DISNEYLAND PARK in Anaheim

1 trilion dollars in 1$ bills in double stacked pallets covers area of 132 acres which is the size of DISNEYLAND PARK in Anaheim / California

Now equipped with this understanding of how big a number a trillion really is, we can look back on the numbers above and below in order to appreciate the vastness of the universe above us and below us.

On our earthly plane the dominant factor shaping our activity is human scale through applied standards accommodating our needs of survival and procreation. I do not think that it is a coincidence that the Human body mirrors the planet’s distribution of 75% water and 25%  land mass. This seems to be a blueprint repeated throughout living organisms. If you will allow your consciousness to travel through space and approach our blue planet at night you will notice that all the visible land mass will be outlined by light and the interior will remain relatively dark. This observation will allow you to draw the conclusion that the species dwelling on that planet has the preference to live on the edge of the continents, and this is a fact. 80% of the human population is living on the shores,  taking advantage of the two worlds aquatic and solid. You will learn later that bacteria do the same thing. When you look at the numbers you will find that there is a universal relation between the size and numbers.  For every plane you step down the size dramatically gets smaller and the numbers or quantity get dramatically larger.

Lights on Earth visible from space

Middle East area. Lights visible from the space - 80% of the human population living on the shores

The universe is a continuum from the smallest of the small to the biggest of the big suspended in the infinite non-reality of space in perpetual motion. When you are sitting in your chair doing absolutely nothing you actually are traveling through the universe with a combined speed of three million kilometers per hour. If you were to turn your direction toward the Sun and travel at that speed, you would arrive at that destination in two days and two hours.
The smallest of the small is known as Planck’s limit represented by an inconceivable fraction that can be written out as 1/10 followed by 32 zeros.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Next time when you look at the night sky instead of seeing the space among the stars as black, cold and lifeless, one should look through a physicist’s eyes and see it as a pocket with unseen energy waiting to coalesce to atoms.
It was estimated that one cubic decimeter of that space contains eight hundred thousands volts of energy in it. Nicola Tesla (1856-1943) was one of a very few people who had an understanding of it and he was able to tap into this limitless energy.



Let’s look down from our dimension and our reality to the next level below our plane. This phenomenon will be well illustrated when we will step down to the cellular and bacteria level.
One Human body: 100 trillion cells, 1000 trillion bacteria and 75% of colloidal suspension of our inner ocean. The next step down level is a molecular plane. This is the place of all the logistics of the living organism. Everything happens at that plane: genes expression, communication, languages cellular and bacterial, building-block proteins, hormones, enzymes, factors, electrolytes, weapons, defenses, immune responses. What happens here directly affects the function and well-being of the multi-cellular organism.
The next step down is a level of the universe consisting of atoms. Here there is a  dramatic decrease in size and increase in quantities. Atoms form molecules and very seldom exist in the free form. It is important to comprehend that an atom is made up of  vast empty space. Let’s look at the smallest element of the material universe, the atom of hydrogen. It contains a nucleus which is made up of proton and neutron spinning in a very tight orbit with the electron spinning around nucleus at nearly the speed of light.

Atom of Hydrogen

            Let’s imagine that our sun is that nucleus of a hydrogen atom and Pluto, the farthest known planet in the solar system, is a spinning electron. In order to make a realistic model of the hydrogen atom we would have to move Pluto 12 times further away from his existing orbit around the sun! This picture illustrates that the atom is a vast empty space with a lot of energy in the system. 99.99999999% of the atom is a void, and since we all, including the whole universe, are made of atoms, then practically we are made out of the void. The emptiness of the atom is proportional to emptiness of the universe.
The last plane of the frontier of the material universe is the plane of sub-atomic particles, with mass infinitely small and the numbers infinitely large. Sub-atomic particles are the building blocks of proton and neutron, the quarks which are held in place by gluons, and the gluons are energized by tachyons. This of course is a very simplified presentation of this highly sophisticated complex system. I came across a very significant statement from the mouth of the particle physicist: “A particle possesses a metaphysical property, it appears from nowhere and it disappears to nowhere.”  I do have a problem with this statement specifically the “nowhere.” Nature does not build one-legged universes, everywhere you look you will find dualities which actually balance each other. This is essential to existence and is manifest everywhere in matter, physics, and life. Examples are: matter/anti-matter, positive/negative, proton/electron, yin/yang, good/evil, love/hate. So we can clearly see that there is a balanced zone in every spectrum where none of the extremes can manifest their domination, and that balanced zone is the sanctuary for life and well being.

God's particles

Let’s look for a moment at the big picture. In the universe itself we know that there are parts of the cosmos where there are extreme conditions of temperatures, pressures and gravitational waves, radiation, running into millions degrees and on the other end there is an absolute zero. And yet in that vast space you can find an area where the ideal condition exists, with the perfectly balanced forces of nature harmonically tuned to promote the existence of life with all its diversity. These areas are attracting a perpetual flow of movement between the material world and the tachyon universe where the transformation of energy into non-energy occurs spontaneously, effortlessly and freely in both directions. The notion of “nowhere” completely disregards the existence of duality and presents only half of the picture of an unbalanced material world, a one-legged reality hanging like a cliff ready to collapse to its oblivion. This notion is begging to be balanced. The existence of duality  allows for existence of the parallel reality of non material pure form of energy which  is totally non specific, and exists in space free from the constriction of the speed of light and is not subjected to any physical laws of this world.
Gerald Feinberg in 1960 introduced to physics a new concept defining matter.  He said, “The material universe is a very dense form of energy.” I will add to this “a very dense form of energy entrapped in time.” The entrapment in time is important because it places the energy into this dimension of space and time.  Taking this concept and bringing it into the relation of subatomic particles, we are able to explain where the particles disappear to and where they coming from. We know that particles are characterized by mass and energy:  the smaller the mass, the higher the energy. The non- material particles are dwelling in non-material reality of oneness-singularity where past, present and future are one in the infinite state of non-reality. Because they are faster than light, they simultaneously exist everywhere. which substantiates omnipotence and omnipresence, a purely metaphysical concept: the attribute of the Creator himself. This can only occur in faster than light speeds where time and space collapse and no longer exist.
So we have a dilemma now: if the space and time collapse and no longer exist, what happened to it? Does it disappear to nowhere? If the particle disappears so can the whole universe. So the only place it can disappear to will be an infinite state of non-reality. The infinite state is a concept which cannot be grasped by intellect or mental manipulation, the comprehension of infinity can only be attained through experience. The Bible says: “Ask, and you get the answer; knock, and the door will open,” and that how it is. The statements are simple, but they come without instruction. Who should I ask the question to, where is the door to knock on?

Garden photo


The symbol of balance and harmony; Devine order, union of Devine and material, two trees in the garden symbolize ultimate unity; male, female; yin and yang; paradise, innocence, unspoiled beauty.



Infinity symbol


I first came upon this idea at the age of 7, and for me, the opportunity to ask the question came five years later, in the fifth grade of our elementary school. The teacher held an introduction to algebra class and she elaborated on general concepts of mathematics, stating, “those of you who will study in the future higher mathematics will deal with the concept of infinity.” That was my question, I jumped up and asked, “teacher please tell me how can I comprehend infinity?”
She stopped for moment, hesitated, and oriented her wooden pointer horizontally in her hands and said, “Imagine that you extending both ends of this pointer forever. That will be infinity.”
I replied, “but teacher, if I am going to do that, I will die before I comprehend it.” For the next 12 years my mind was preoccupied with one thought only, infinity. I struggled with this concept in every conceivable way. With time, I could go into an altered state in seconds by disconnecting all of my five senses.
In order to elaborate any further we have to look at the reality of our existence. The reality of living in this plane consists of three states: waking, sleeping and dreaming. Waking state is utilizing our five senses by which we are interacting and shaping our reality. Through the filter of consciousness, all live experiences from the waking state are loaded into our subconscious mind, which in the sleeping state will get reorganized and partially realized in the dreaming state. We have to note that when in the sleeping state the conscious mind no longer has an influence on how your subconscious is reorganizing the acquired experiences or how they will be realized. Sometimes the dreams are so horrible that you are glad that you come back to your conscious reality and regain some control.

Presented above is the normal reality which we all are struggling with every day of our life. No matter what you do, where you are, you always will be in one of these states. From the moment you are born and make your first sound from your own vocal cords, “mama”  you will be imbedded in foreign sounds which will follow you throughout your life. The most prevailing one is “don’t” and “no.” Starting from your parents, school, church, work place, institutions and finally the government. They all are building invisible walls of limitation around you by utilizing various tactics like persuasion, indoctrination, fear and ultimately brute force till you conform. So the conclusion is that there is only one norm, you conform and accept this as normal reality and never question the wisdom of those who  always know better how you should live. If you don’t you will be labeled a sociopath or insane, where both labels have negative connotation and are not “normal” according to collective unconsciousness of our society. But if you cannot conform and thoroughly understand the ugliness of this arrangement, you can become a hero, persuade enough followers and change everything, but you must be prepared to pay the ultimate price if you do not succeed.
In the moment when you wake up to your waking state the brain immediately starts generating thoughts and reacting with the reality through your five senses. You are blanketed with a cloud of thoughts and invisible walls of limitation are arranged in such a way that they form a tunnel. You are entrapped; you can only go where the tunnel takes you. You have lost your sovereignty, you forget who you are, you become an insignificant part of the system, and you are conditioned to be in that state from the first days of your life. The horizontal control of invisible walls is as old as humanity; it has been in use for eons of time and is still working today. You cannot control these horizontal walls; they have been set by gods and used by kings and rulers who came after them. Let them have it.
The top of the tunnel is blanketed with your thoughts; your brain can generate one thought at a time, like a machinegun that can only shoot one bullet at a time. There is a gap between every thought and every bullet. If you slow down the fire and your thoughts the gaps get bigger, but when you finally stop the thoughts you unveil the door.  You knock and the door will open. Once you find this door it is yours, it will open every time you knock you can go there as you please; you can stay there as long as you want. Now you are sovereign again. You can make a connection with your higher self, you can watch the plane below and see how the game is played. You can see things which were impossible for you to see before. The Bible’s promise was fulfilled.  The door, once found, will open; actually the door is waiting for you all the time and is always ready for you.

This place becomes my sanctuary where nobody can mess around with me. The most beautiful thing about this place was that nothing from this reality will ever follow you there. This was a freedom from my physical self. I found the door, I opened and kept it open. I go there as often as time allows, sometimes even for a few seconds.
I stated that I found the door, but today I am convinced that it is not true. I only posed the question and by doing so I brought it to existence in this reality. The question wanted to be answered because then it will fulfill its purpose for its existence. The question wants to be united with the other half of itself which is the answer, and this is the duality of this universe. The question knew that the answer is not in this reality, not in this plane, and guided me to the door.
Of course I did not know this at that the time. I considered this discovery as something normal, that everybody was doing the same thing, except that nobody was talking about it. For me this was as natural and normal as any other function of daily life. Eventually I brought the question to this new reality and I have been doing this for several years, the frustration grew, the time was passing and there was no sign of making any progress. There was only one source left which was God himself. I talked to him every day, but it was only a monologue. I knew about God from my catechism classes, that he is omnipotent; everything he does is perfect and yet there was me created by God and struggling with something simple like infinity. I asked God, “why did you make me so stupid? How can I love you without knowing you? You are infinite and this question is for you.” What I did was very human. I delegated the question and the burden of it to him; after all he created the whole thing, this is his universe, including me, and he could very well put the questions and answers together rather than throwing the pieces all over the universe.
Twelve years passed by, I exhausted all my mental capacity, my brain refused to dwell any further on the subject. I knew deep in myself, that if I did not stop I would probably go insane. Meanwhile, on this plane of reality I visited Los Angeles for the first time. My friends were leaving for a two week vacation to the Orient and it ended up that I was house sitting for them. On this fateful day which I will never forget, that Saturday morning when I woke up being completely alone in an empty house with the prospect of two weeks of uninterrupted possibilities for mental explorations, the events started unfolding. It was nine in the morning. With open eyes fixed on the ceiling above me, I started contemplating and thoughts started forming : who am I, who are these people whom I called my friends and what am I doing in this place? Little by little I was drifting into the familiar state of altered consciousness when I noticed some gentle tingling in my legs. I started paying attention, the sensation was steadily moving upwards. When it made it to my solar plexus, suddenly I realized that I could see my own body from the ceiling looking down. The consociation of self was exactly the same; it was still me except now I was self-aware intelligence. I had direct access to knowledge, could move through the house without using doors, I could see without using the eyes. Every think was happening effortlessly with ease instantly responding to the intention. It was an overwhelming feeling of bliss, tranquility and peace. The familiar states experienced through our body of stress, pain, tension, suffering, sorrow were nonexistent. Everything of the surroundings remained the same, except it was perceived by me as crystal clear; there was different vibration about everything.
I was exploring my new capabilities and suddenly the question of infinity manifested itself. The reaction was instant. I was zoomed out with some uncompromising force, accelerating, doubling the speed with every fraction of passing time. It grew and grew, transforming into a tension which felt that if it did not stop the whole thing would explode and cease to exist. That was my last thought before the barrier was broken. In that instant I became the whole universe; the past, present and future became one.
I arrived through a pitch black tunnel to the light without source or horizon; the glow was in deep amber. This was infinity. The drop of water became an ocean. The question was brought with me to its source and got united with the answer; we all became one, a singularity.  I was in it, I could feel, sense and comprehend through experience the essence of timeless infinity, the attribute of singularity which is unified and held in place by the field of universal intelligence. The consciousness of self was intact, it was me. The energy of love permeated from the amber glow. I was perfect and complete.
Whoever controlled this experience allowed me to stay there as long as it took to satisfy the comprehension, in that instant when this was accomplished the same force brought me back to my body. I got back to this reality at three a.m. on Wednesday morning. The Bible was right again, the question got answered. It took exactly twelve years but the promise was kept. Finally I was in peace with myself; I got my comprehension, which came with the gift of unshakable faith.
Jesus once said “you all can do what I do.” This is another Bible statement which to me is absolute truth. We all can do what he did, so why in 2000 years and today there are 7 billions of us, no one has come forward with this capability? Maybe we can find the answer in an old Hindu story about the elephant who was tied up by the shoestring to the stake; he died from hunger not knowing that really he was always free. The only conceivable way that can explain why I am not perfect despite being created by a perfect God with all probability lies in the duality of this universe.


The duality was brought into existence by the Big Bang, the explosion of perfect singularity. The perfect creation of God including me, did not destroy singularity nor eliminate any of its fundamental attributes which are infinity and intelligence. The force of the Big Bang separated united particles and accelerated them with near speed of light in two opposing directions. They still retain their singular property yet they are united by an invisible string of a unifying force of intelligence which allows them to react to each other instantly despite the fact that they are separated by millions of light years apart.
The force of separating particles exposed infinite amount of strings which, when stretched by the Big Bang, created the fabric of space and time. The unifying force of intelligence is the major conductor of all forces of nature and is the only source for that which permeates everything there is. It is the only source for this universe and life. The tachyons are part of this energy field.  The whole universe communicates through this web.

Experiments conducted on human DNA provide empirical evidence for this phenomenon of communication. A sample of DNA was removed from the donor’s mouth and taken away, the distance did not matter, and was placed under microscope for direct observation. The subject was asked to create negative depressing thoughts. The sample DNA reacted instantly with stress and compression of the spiral. When the donor created positive thoughts, the sample decompressed, unfolded and relaxed.
Based on same principles, described above, the whole universe is interconnected including us Ser Humana, we whole are connected, and we are one. It becoming apparent that it is more important what you think, rather than what you eat. The significance of this experiment has practical ramifications. If our DNA is responding to our thoughts then by controlling our thoughts we actually control our DNA and everything that is associated with it. This is a mechanism with which we may be able to affect the outcome of a terminal disease.

"The Five Senses" by Hans Makart

The five senses in your physical body are only the nerve endings of your central nervous system, they can only do what they are designed for: gather and transfer information, out of which your brain will construct your reality. You can learn how to shut them off and if you do that, then that reality ceases to exist for you.
When the particle arrives from this free energy state and enters into our material universe it has to slow down in 1 billionth of a second, converting his free energy to the high density energy which may be recognized as trace of mass and interact with other subatomic particles in the atom. The tachyon field supplies the energy needed for all living organisms until balance is achieved, then it eases until called up again. These energy resources are infinite and freely available. Like light carrying within itself all the wavelengths of the rainbow, the tachyons combine all known energies and are the only source of them; they  cannot be influenced by any other form of energy. Tachyon energy is holistic because it accepts the notion of two interdependent universes which are actually indivisible: our visible sub-light speed universe, and the invisible faster than light universe which is also ours.

Whole Body Aura

Remember we have body, mind, and spirit and they each have to have their own universe as well.  The healers are channeling the tachyons fields to affect spontaneous cures. All living organisms generate their own electromagnetic fields which are millions of times stronger than fields generated by non-organic matter. These electromagnetic fields manifest themselves in the form of auras, which are saturated with haptens which belong to the group of volatile antibodies cocooning around the bodies several feet in diameter. These antibodies can act as triggering points for allergic reactions in individuals with serological conflicts. Mostly women are affected due to pregnancies, especially when the fetus in the mother’s womb has the father’s serologically conflicted blood. In some extreme cases, especially with multiple pregnancies, this prolonged exposure to antigens can provoke the onset of anaphylactic shock and death of the women. It is one of the most  unrecognized reasons for most of the divorces in the human population. This condition is easily preventable. It can be diagnosed with a simple test and yet is completely ignored and unknown in our society.
It is ironic to realize that 2.5% of our physical existence will in fact be able to control and utilize almost 99% of our activities in this reality. This physical experience is only a blink of an eye in relation to eternity and yet is so deeply imbedded into our consciousness that we start to accept this as the only reality and willingly relinquish our sovereignty to the spoils of this earth, allowing ourselves to be enslaved by the biggest evil  of this world “money.”  Our governments and spiritual institutions are corrupted by the same evil.

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Symbol of self and its growth process; connects spirit, earth and underground; symbol of immortality.










The Mind, Body, and Spirit require equal representation among its components in order to function at its best, and yet it is so painfully obvious that the most temporary component of the trios, the Body, is holding and engaging almost 99% of the available limited time, whereas the everlasting eternal Mind and Spirit have to share only the remaining one percent between them. This is a extremely unbalanced system and its condition is reflected in our COLLECTIVE UNCONSCIOUSNESS. We are presented with the difficulties of dealing with the concept of separation of the body from the remaining two components Mind and Spirit, and the terrifying reality known as death, which is  something overwhelming that we are not at ease with, and is a source of anxiety and stress.

But is it really?  How can one define oneself? The only thing that adequately will fulfill this requirement is I AM, and it is mine. This concept can be illustrated by means of any native language of this planet. Let’s start with I AM and this is my body, my head, my hands, my legs, nose, teeth, etc. You will name all 100 trillions cells in your body to the last drop of your blood and you will not find your self there. So this is all yours, it belongs to you, but it is not you. So we covered the physical aspect of self and the elusive “I” was not there. Now if we look further we will no longer be in the material world: my mind, my spirit, my Soul.  So even the soul is yours and also is not you.  So is it remotely possible that I AM is really HIM (God)? Jesus said that “The Kingdom of God is Within” and so it is, which means that God exists within us at all times; we are part of Him. We don’t have to go looking for Him because we already have Him.  But this is the question which everyone has to answer for himself.

Holistic Health

The background presented is a form of introduction to a holistic concept of the universal unity, through which we can gain some basic understanding of the complex relationship of our existence in the Earthly environment, its influence on the life forms occupying it in space and time, and how we are affecting this eco-system through our invasive actions, which are often driven by greed and temporary gain. The experiments conducted on a global scale by the Frankenstein laboratories of agro business are perfect example of these actions. Altering your food genetically is changing the environment, adding sugar to you food is changing the environment.


The quintessential summary of mind body connection can be expressed in a very laconic statement:


 The mind-body communication overrides the normal biological processes and can affect the body’s response with the lighting speed of anaphylactic shock. The archetype symbols of language, imbedded in to our collective unconscious, mirrored through out our culture, are shaping the belief system of our mind, which in turn will modulate the immune response of our body. Your body will respond to the way you think, feel, and act and this will compose your emotional health. In order to maintain good emotional health you have to be aware of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; and most important of all is to know who you really are. The unique connection of your conscience with the higher self creates the only authority, which can override the archetype symbolic belief system of the mind. Once this connection is established it will provide the wisdom to correctly assess and scrutinize the archetype symbols and replace them with the belief system, which will be thoroughly beneficial to the uniqueness of one-self and provide freedom to step away from the box of collective unconscious, which does not necessarily have your own best interest in mind.

by Eric Peterson
Immune cells (stained blue) end in protective caps called telomeres (stained yellow) that are shorter in elderly and in persons suffering chronic stress.

Science explains some of the mechanism behind Mind-Body connection. Science Daily (July 15, 2008) – “Every cell contains a tiny clock called telomere, which shortness every time the cell divides. Short telomeres are linked to a range of human diseases, including HIV, osteoporosis, hearth disease and aging.” The study shows that the enzyme within the cell, called telomerase, keeps immune cells young by preserving their telomere length and preserving the ability of the cell to divide.

UCLA scientists found that the stress hormone, cortisol, suppresses the immune cells ability to activate there telomerase. This may explain why the cells of people under chronic stress have shorter telomere.  Rita Effros a professor of pathology and laboratory medicine at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA stated: “When the body is under stress, it busts the production of cortisol to support a “fight or flight” response if the hormone remains elevated in the blood stream for long periods of time, though, it will wear down the immune system.”

The fight -or- flight response is a natural reflex we have like all animals for our survival. When initiated it will take priority over all other metabolic functions of the body and will bypass the function of our rational mind. The elevated state of alert will make us perceive everything as a possible threat to our survival causing us to overreact to the slightest confrontation. Once entrapped in to this vicious circle, our life becomes a series of short-term emergencies, moving from one crisis to the other. The fear becomes a veil through which we will see the distorted reality. This unconscious, automatic, response of fight-or flight in today’s reality, where physical threat is replaced with psychological stress by an “ego” driven society can be self-defeating and actually affecting the state of our psychological, emotional, and spiritual survival, bringing our body to elevated exhaustion, chronic fatigue, or burnout and of course disease.
The “ego” driven society, which is characterized by accepting as normal, the seeking of monetary and material wealth, position of power, and control of others, allowed to go on without regard for anyone or anything. These desires and viewpoints of individuals create the model on which our society is based on, and this indeed is the model set for self-destruction. This is a toxic environment, when the worst traits of humanity are glorified to the point of total acceptance, as a prevailing standard for our modern society. The “ego” wants to be a God and this desire, if not brought under control, can bring catastrophic consequences to humanity.  Despite the thousand years of evolution today’s man has the same body parts that our caveman ancestor from 30,000 years ago. The ancient enemy of a stone-age man the saber tooth tiger is replaced with the modern predators, which hunt us today, the so called superior adversary, like your boss, policeman, authority, IRS, and government.
Any challenge to Mind-Body activates in the portion of the brain called hypothalamus mediators, which demand the adrenal gland to initiate the secretion of hormones primary adrenalin and noradrenalin from the adrenal medulla and cortisol from adrenal cortex.  Cortisol is responsible for converting fats and proteins into energy. It needs to be noted that converting proteins to energy is not normal for the body function, under normal conditions, it will be the last resort to utilize protein as an energy source, but when the body is geared into survival mode, all the resources will be made available.

african 'BIG BELLY" kid photoWe all are familiar with the pictures of malnutrition among children from Africa, the characteristic skinny bodies with big bellies. Their bodies are in the last desperate leg of survival, they are converting proteins to energy to sustain body function. The albumin and globulin proteins responsible for holding blood serum in the blood vessels and capillaries are being taken away and metabolized, in turn, low levels of albumin and globulin in the circulatory system cause the escape of blood serum into the intercellular spaces, this translates to swelling of the abdominal area, the blood gets thicker and the life is ended.  Unfortunately, our body reacts the same way to threats, regardless if they are real or imagined. Understanding concepts such as fight-or-flight stress response provides you with a foundation to understand how relaxing techniques have an ability to intercept the stress response.

The fight-or-flight is controlled by autonomic nerves system (ANS), responsible for all known unconscience controlled body functions, like the heartbeat, digestion, and all chemical reaction in endocrine and immune systems. The (ANS) is composed of two branches: the Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS), the initiator and accelerator for all the bio-chemical reaction finally expressed through body language, and the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS), a reversal of (SNS) action, and bringing the body chemistry to pre-stress levels. Our body with its biochemistry, nervous system, conscious and subconscious mind, is perfectly equipped to function in the continuous state of homeostasis, maintaining constant equilibrium of all mind – body function. However, disrupted homeostasis will manifest itself with the failed function of the tissue, organ, or the whole system. Even pathogenic bacteria will not cause disease until it finds a proper environment in the body for its proliferation. Mostly anaerobes are responsible for this condition. The least oxygenated areas in the body are preferred as the birthing grounds for anaerobic pathogens like periodontal sulcus, joints and heart valves, which have very poor vascularisation and therefore are poorly oxygenated. We need to remember that our body mass is represented by 75% of water, and water contains 89% oxygen by weight. Oxygen is the most abundant element in our physical structure and is essential to our existence. You can survive for two months or more without food, nine days without water, and only a few minutes without oxygen. The properly oxygenated tissues and organs in your body create an environment that is uninhabitable to disease causing microbes, viruses and fungi.  A properly oxygenated body is the best insurance you can buy for pennies a day (food grade peroxide).
It takes an average of five years before you will see the first manifestation of symptoms of the disease. You have to work hard for five years, repeating the same nutritional mistakes over and over again, to put your body out of an internal functional balance. Your body is desperately trying to communicate with you, through its body language and its inner voice, but you cannot hear it, nobody has taught you this, and suppressed by “ego” you have not figured this out on your on. Then in desperation, after five years of fruitless attempts of failed communication, it hits you with its defense arm, “Pain.” Your “ego” will notice this, it may even get scared, you will seek help, and you are going to get fixed, however, on the lowest level, which is your body, and this will be only a temporary fix.

You have to remember that your mental state, attitudes, and belief system, expressed by your action, brought the disease in the first place. If you want to be healed, all your attitudes, beliefs, and  “ego “mentality have to be changed. The intention of this author is to open your mind to all these new possibilities and bring you to an enlighten state of freedom, which you truly deserve because the spirit communicates with the mind and the body. The healing process can be only initiated at the mind – spirit level. Your body can be fixed but only temporally.

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Symbol of self; representing the three basic parts of self; striving to achieve higher enlightenment; a figurative space from which the hero can see clearly; uncertainty, dangers.









Believe in divine intervention, in illness and healing, is related to religious beliefs. In the    religious sense faith (belief without evidence) is trusting the God who heals you, and can do the impossible.  The New Testament definition: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”… (Hebrews 11: 1).  “Your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Be cured from your illness”. (Jesus). The archetype symbol of the language “ a peace of mind”.

On the extreme end of spectrum of faith, we come across the Mystical Stigmata. The ecstatic bear on their hands, feet, side or brow, the marks of the Passion of Christ, symbolizing the extreme suffering and pain embedded into the unconditional love for the Savior. They welcome the pain, believing that it brings them closer to God. The phenomenon of stigmata is often associated with spontaneous healing in presence of stigmatic. These spiritual beliefs have tremendous influence and control of your mind, and your mind has tremendous influence and control of your body. Mind, Body, and Spirit a trinity, which communicates through universal intelligence.
For the first time in the history of the stigmata and apparitions there is scientific evidence that these events are actually taking place and are truly magnificent. We have a first hand look into the spirit – body connection and neurophysiology of the body’s response during these events, recorded in real time under the scrutiny of a panel of scientists, doctors, neurologists, Jewish, and atheists. The supernatural nature of Nancy Fowler’s brain activities were subjected to EEG monitoring, which was time coordinated with a separate video recording of her behavior during these apparitions.

4 hertz to 3hertz delta activity of normal brain are associated with deep sleep or coma and yet, she was fully alert and communicative, capable of keeping distance to the unfolding events, which excluded evidence of psychotic disturbances. “The psychotic person would get lost in the vision and would not be able to maintain a distance from it,” said Dr. Hogben, the psychiatrist participating in the experiment.  Dr. Sanchez claims; “ that there is no known precedents in the world, what Nancy performed was a physiological impossibility.”
When she reported seeing Jesus, the delta activity was in the reoccurring pattern of 3 hertz 3,3,3, the symbol of trinity. On the other hand, when she reported seeing Satan the EEG was registering 6 hertz with the recurring pattern of 6,6,6, a symbol of the Beast. During the several apparitions of the Virgin Mary, the delta activity consistently registered 4 hertz. The radiation detection system always detected increased ionized radiation in the room during the apparitions.
Electrical conductivity of the skin of 0.2 millivolts, represents the most complete state of relaxation, 1.5 to1.7 millivolts reflects anxiety. When Nancy was tested before starting the experiments she was in a state of anxiety but at the moment she started praying she fell into a deep state of relaxation.

The true stigmatic wounds have to have the following characteristic: they have to be deep, lasting for a prolonged period of time (years), localized on parts of the body corresponding to the wounds of crucifixion, and always gushing fresh blood with no signs of infection. The blood analysis revealed that the blood type is the blood of a stigmatic himself, with a high content of neutrophils and low levels of wounds healing factors.
Neutrophils are the most abundant white cells in humans, having a life span of 5 days in circulation and 1 to 2 days once they migrate into the tissue. They are the first responders (minutes) to an acute state of inflammation. They are phagocytes capable of ingesting microorganisms and particles; they can internalize and kill many microbes. Activated neutrophils cause the release of web-like structures of DNA, which trap and kill microbes externally.  Neutrophils come from Latin word “neuter” meaning “neither,” and the Greek word “philein” meaning “to love,” so it can be pronounced as “ love neither.”

From these findings it became apparent that true stigmatic wounds will not heal readily and will not get infected. The excitation of brain cells is known to cause elevated levels of neutrophils in the blood stream without presence of infection. The high level of spiritual excitation, by contact with the Devine, affect the brain cells, and is micro-managing the genetic response of gene expression through which the immune response is modulated.  This process has different dynamics than normal physiology on the body level and under these circumstances everything is possible.
The first recorded person to bear the wounds of “Christ Passion,” in history was Saint Francis of Assisi (born Giovanni di Bernardone; 1181-1182 – October 3, 1226). On July 16, 1228, Pope Gregory IX pronounced him Saint. In a painting by Jusepe de Ribera, Saint Francis of Assisi was depicted as a Mystic, Confessor, and Founder with his arms stretched exposing his stigmata, which was clearly, visible on the palms of his hands.  He received them in 1224, two years before his death in 1226.

Saint Francis of Assisi (born Giovanni di Bernardone; 1181/1182 – October 3, 1226)

This evident mistake was repeated hundreds of times by medieval painters and sculptures, depicting crucifixion with the palms of the hands nailed to the cross, giving Roman crucifiers a bad name, which as professionals, they knew better, that nailing through the hands would not support the body weight and the tissue would tear down, consequently messing up the elegant procedure used by the crucifers. The sophistication of nailing through the rest of the hand by Roman crucifiers was based on the extended knowledge of anatomy, the need to drive the nail in such a way that it would miss the main artery and infringe on the main nerve, prolonging the live of the victim who suffered from excruciating pain. This believe evolved into a system, which has entered into the collective unconscious of society and any challenge to this wisdom, in the time of inquisition, resulted in a short cut to the stake. 350-recorded stigmatic depictions followed this path with the wounds on the palms of their hands throughout history to modern times. Finally, when science presented evidence and proved that Romans were correct, the modern stigmatics started correctly exhibiting their stigmata on the rest of the hand. The conclusion drawn from these facts I leave for your consideration, but please never underestimate the power of believing.

If you will reflect on the history of this phenomenon you cannot escape from forming a conclusion that the common denominator for all these experiences is light. “Let there be light” Creation. The life giving force, the light being, brilliant light, glowing light, radiating light, loving light, imbedded in light, tunnel of light, Mysterious light, and Devine light. These are some of the descriptions given by the survivors of NDE, (near death experience), stigmatic, and those experiencing apparitions.

So what is the light? It definitely is a stimulator of sight, making things visible, it is scientifically described as electromagnetic radiation characterize by wavelength from 390 to 740 nm. (visible light spectrum), traveling in the form of electromagnetic waves with the speed of light, a pure energy supporting live processes on our planet. Light is the best carrier of information. If we consider today’s communication based on radio, TV, and microwaves combined, it will represent only 1/10,000 of the transmitting capabilities of the light spectrum. Information’s magnitude in terabits will be expressed with numbers followed by 16 zeros. This is going to be the next quantum leap of humanity into the light speed communication. These technologies exists today, one LED bulb is capable of transmitting a full TV program. The grid already exists, we only need to replace the light bulbs to programmable LEDs, and the new world light web will become reality.
In divagation of the phenomena of light, this is the most significant consideration, the concept of “duality of light.” Human observation transforms light waves into light particles, you may say to experience reality, but in fact it is the transformation of energy to matter. The same phenomena will take place if you install any recording device during an experiment, the electromagnetic light waves will convert to light particles, when you turn off the recording device the particles instantly transform to light waves and the burning question arises; how does the photon know that it is being observed?
The answer to this question will change the whole foundation of our sciences. The transcended view found in ancient religious texts provides a plausible answer; “The basic building blocks of the universe is not matter but conscience it self.” That explains it, so now I can say that in reality, light is a conscience of God, the energy unquoted with an infinite amount of information, his conscience is everywhere, “ the ember glow without horizon permeating with energy of love,” my personal experience of infinity. This brings me back to the wisdom of the forest man from my childhood; “Look! Everything here is alive and is intelligent and it knows that you are here, if you learn how to listen they are all going to tell you their stories, they will be your friends, if you will respect them.” I remember when walking through the forest, I heard this tiny squeaky voice coming from under my foot, I stopped and started looking, I could not see it, then I kneeled down and started looking closely, I still could not see it, but the squeaky voice was aggravated with the richest anger, and suddenly I could see him, such a tiny pebble, I could see him through my third eye, the eye of my soul. I stepped into his tiny world and disturbed him. My feeling of sorrow followed, by overwhelming love, finally quenching his anger. This is one of my better lessons from the time when nature spoke to me.

desert photo



Symbol of spiritual aridity;
death, hopelessness.









We all possess the outstanding power to heal ourselves and it is stored in our mind. If your mind is kept open, you will learn the true way,even from nature. The universal truth permeates from every tree, river, mountain, sea and sky.  You just have to realize it, and it will move you to a fully enlightened state. Your healing powers of the mind will be greatly enhanced if accompanied by a strong spiritual belief. The emotional center of the brain, the hypothalamus, transforms emotion into physical response. Chemical hormonal messengers in the form of neuropeptides carry emotions back and forth between the mind and the body; they also influence every major section of the immune system. This is a true mind – body complex, designed to function as a single unit. When we apply our mental healing powers we can heal not only our mental and emotional afflictions but the physical maladies as well.

The mind, through the spirit, attracts the healing energies, which get amplified and strengthened by the body. Positive thoughts are essential to generate positive results and they boost the immune system, while, negative thoughts and emotion suppress the immune response. The true nature of our mind is to be enlightened and peaceful, calm and clear, with the power to heal pain and stress and blossom into peace and joy.  This state of mind is practically impossible to be realized in an “ego” controlled reality. When we yield to the demand of the “ego” and mentally grasp and emotionally connect to our wants of wealth, power, control, position, we will lose our enlighten freedom and the healing power, in exchange for stress, exhaustion and suffering, followed by disease and misery. “Ego” the archetype of self, the “ego” is a conscience mind. To achieve and maintain the state of enlighten freedom, it will be only possible if we replace “ego” with love then the whole world will change.

The archetype in Jungian psychology defined as: inherited pattern of thought or symbolic imagery derived from the past collective experience and present in the individual unconscious. Primordial: That is we as the individuals, have these archetypal images ingrained in our understanding before we are born. These archetypes can be found all over the world in any culture and therefore are universal. All of the beliefs and myths we have are all just part of the archetype, nothing is new in the universe and everything has already existed and will continue to exist.  The archetypes examples from mind-body connections include, “She was healthy all her life, when her husband died, she died shortly after from her broken heart,” “ I come to you with a heavy heart,”  “ My heart was broken,” “ I know what you mean,” “ I can feel what you are going thru,” “I can feel your pain,” “I can hear what you are saying,” “I have chills in my spine,” “ I cannot stomach this,” “ My gut feelings.”  The archetype symbols presented, expressed in language, (a wondrous living force which holds in its essence the cultural heritage, great lives and thoughts) represent embodiment of behavioral stances that humans have developed over millennia. They are retrieved from the vast reservoir of human experiences, some of them will occur over and over. It may appear that these symbols possess magical powers.

Let me give you an example: This happened many years ago.  The passion for skiing dominated our lives. This time we ended up at Mammoth Lakes, in a beautiful cabin in the forest, equipped with an outdoor Jacuzzi and swimming pool. It was a cloudless night, with a full moon; the place was pristine with the view of the majestic mountains. The fresh powder on the pines was sparkling in the moonlight. The snow was squeaking under our feet, which meant to me that temperature had to be below -10 degree Celsius. This was one of those nights where you can thank God that you are alive.  That night, we all ended up in the Jacuzzi, with the exception of a newly wed couple. They joined us wearing heavy coats, hats, and scarves covering their faces. They stood on the side watching. After a while I felt very hot. I ran out from the Jacuzzi and jumped in to the pool breaking the thin ice sheet on the surface, swimming under the ice, jumping out of the pool, tumbling in the snow and ending up back in the Jacuzzi again. The guy pulled down his scarf and with a grin of disgust stated, “I cannot stomach this.” They both left the scene and went back to the cabin.

Fifteen minutes later we all went back to the cabin with the intent to prepare diner. The guy, who had just left, was already in bed running a high fever and chills; his body was all red from the temperature. He was in a twilight ready to lose his consciousness. His wife was attending to him and trying to cool him down with a wet towel. She stated that the moment they got back to the cabin he said that he was not feeling well and wanted to lie down. All this happened in the matter of minutes.

Based on the information provided, we can explain what happened that evening. Our behavior is the most unpredictable and uncontrolled when lost in the subconscious mind, trauma surfaces by triggering the subconscious pain point. For me, jumping into an icy pool in the middle of winter was normal. I simply did what was normal for me, what I have been doing since my early childhood. There was no winter, for me, with out ending up in freezing water when the ice broke from underneath me as a child. These incidence usually happened miles away from home, so we, as children, learned how to dry our clothes on ourselves, to hide the evidence from our parents. You have no idea how fast clothes dry in the winter thanks to a process called sublimation.  Coming home with wet clothes in the winter would be a disastrous and traumatic event, you would have to listen to your mother’s lamenting comments, with all the negative possibilities of what could have happened to you, played out over and over, and of course there always was the possibility of punishment from the father.

In the case of our friend, the scene he witnessed at the Jacuzzi, brought to the surface, from the deepest parts of his subconscious mind, a traumatic event associated with winter ice and water. The archetype symbols expressed through language manifested its presents. He felt “chills in his spine,” which represented massive influx of adrenaline from adrenal medulla, then he felt sensation in his stomach, the digestive processes stopped, “I cannot stomach this,” the immune system gets temporarily shut down. The fight or flight response is in full gear. He flees from the scene. The bio-film and planktonic bacteria in his gums detecting that the immune system is shut down, through quorum acting, bacteria launching the attack, and massively entering the blood stream. For each new influx of bacteria and toxins into blood stream, the body reacts with chills and shivering, while the pyrogenic reaction to toxins and bacteria dramatically elevate body temperature. Elevated temperature represents one of the body’s defense mechanism. The conclusion: by activating the memory or belief system of your subconscious mind you can expect the physical response of your body, as the example of my friend’s reaction demonstrated.  If you live unchallenging your negative belief system and allow the continuous flow of negative thoughts, your body will be forced out of haemostatic balance, which will manifest itself in form of chronic disease of the body.

This, next example, is from my personal experience, very traumatic, and debilitating, which I would like to use for this study to dissect the nature and the pattern of the event and put it into a perspective through, which we will get an understanding that will give us the power to face and eliminate or free ourselves from it forever.

The visit of my father was anticipated after over ten years of separation. He got a visa for three months to come to the United States. It turned out that this was his first and last visit. After one month of his staying with us he developed some chest pain, which radiated to his left arm. I took him to the doctor and through out the entire visit I translated the questions and answers back and forth between my father, who did not speak English, and the doctor. It turned out that he had a mild heart attack, which did not require hospitalization, just home rest and medication. Six months after his return home, we received the horrible news that he died from a massive heart attack at his home. They found him dead on the floor.

Rembrandt's "Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulip"

A year later, I got accepted to the Warsaw Medical Academy to study dentistry. In Europe, in order to be a dentist you had to finish medical school. During our third year of study, at which point we were already well adapted to the academic life, after one year of prosectorium, a place in which anatomic preparation are performed where we dissected human bodies from head to toe, and after forensic medicine, we were looking forward to starting work with living patients. In the midst of the first semester, the auditorium was packed with four hundred students; the long anticipated topic of the presentation was the human heart, specifically heart attacks. After a lengthy presentation, the professor started describing the symptoms of a heart attack, pain in the chest, radiating to the left arm. In the same moment when he finished the sentence, I was struck with excruciating pain in my chest, radiating to my left arm, and my fingers became numb. He went on, the pain will shoot across the chest radiating to the shoulder blade and to the mandible. The pain likewise radiated to my shoulder blade and mandible. He continues, the fingernails will become purple, with horror I can see in the front of my eyes how my fingernails changed to purple in seconds. The terrifying thought shooting chills down my spine, “I am having a heart attack!”

At that moment I could not see well. I could hear the professor’s voice, “the patient’s skin became pale covered with cold sweat, grasping for air and finally passing out.” I could feel my entire body covered with cold sweat, while grasping for air and landing on the floor unconscious.  My return back to consciousness was surreal. I was lying down on my back on the cathedra bench surrounded by people. There was only one question on my mind at that point, what happened? What happened to that young man, me, who was never sick, never missed one day of school or work, was this, really a heart attack?

I became a point of interest for the doctors from the Academy. After a battery of tests the hearth attack was categorically excluded. But for me this incident was only the beginning of the nightmare. From then on, any attempt to study or read any text with the word heart, immediately initiated the whole episode over again. After a few days, the attacks started coming without provocation, simply out of the blue.  I woke up with cold sweat, grasping for air, with paralyzing fear, usually two or three times a night. I was afraid to fall asleep. When I fell asleep the nightmares were much worse than reality, I had no control over anything. The medication, which the doctors proscribed, made me mostly sleepy, I could not concentrate or study, and it did not stop the attacks from coming. My body, which served me so well until then, became unreliable, I became truly exhausted, both mentally and physically.

Luckily for me my apartment was only 160 yards away from the door to the ER in the large hospital. This was the longest 160 yards to make under an attack, holding on to the walls, then from tree to tree, or pole to pole, only to open the hospital door and collapse. I made this trip at least 15 times until I finally realized that the doctors could not help me resolve the problem. Thus, by being a victim and allowing to get victimized by this, which I called “it,” I became an observer and started collecting data. I knew already how the attack began, how long it lasted, and how it ended. The more familiar I became with “it” the less freighting it became. I felt that there was hope that “it” was trying to scare me out of my body, and this I would not allow. The victim in me developed the courage and strength to stand up for myself, to live with constant fear was no longer possible or acceptable. I decided to put my life on the line, I was determined and angry and ready to confront “it.” I was convinced that I was dying each of the176 times I counted.

I went to my room and took my academic book; I opened it to the section on heart attacks, and started reading. After the first paragraph “it” started, but this time I was ready.  Mentally I asked this question: “If you have power to take my life, take it now … what are you waiting for?  I am ready, I am waiting … take it!  No … you have no power, you are fake! And now you will leave me forever!” The attack was stopped in its tracks and never happened again.

The trauma hidden in the subconscious mind has many forms to manifest itself and can repeat its manifestation many times. Anxiety attacks, panic attacks, are characterized by intense fear, unease, worry, frustration, anger, confusion, dizziness, nausea, and difficulty breathing. The attacks tend to arise abruptly lasting for 10-15 minutes, in some cases even for several hours. Anxiety becomes a disorder when the symptoms become chronic and start interfering with daily function. Phobias, a type of anxiety disorder, are described as irrational avoidance of things, places and situations. They all are results of unresolved trauma hidden in the depths of our subconscious minds, which when triggered will be played out through physical manifestation.

Additionally, depletion of nutrients and trace minerals in our food supply can play a role in the chemistry of our brains and should be considered as one of the factors, especially in the chronic manifestation of the disorders. Ultimately only we have the power to confront it and remove it. The mechanism is the same in every case.

Sunrise photo




Symbol of creative energy, thinking, enlightenment; spiritual vision, wisdom. Raising sun, birth, creation.








Trusting in the healing powers of your body, of your mind, and of your spirit shall be an integral part of your faith. When you are preparing your healthy salad and cut your finger, you are not going to panic, because you know that little things like cuts, bruises or colds will heal quickly, the same, as you know that the sun will rise tomorrow. The body has taught you that. It is a mater of fact taken for granted.

The human body is genetically designed to heal itself, but what has gotten in the way of our accepting that these healing powers can heal something “deadly” as cancer and how have we learned to accept that cancer is “deadly”? The media tells us about the war on cancer, and the latest cures, and new cancer drugs, and surgical methods. From the special report to American Cancer Society, we learned, that the average life span for patients diagnosed with cancer who sought conventional medical treatment was four years and for those who never sought help, the average life span was 12 years. Then you have your own personal experiences like: your grandma on your father’s side died of cancer and so did her sister, the neighbor down the street, and your best friend at work mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer. We have learned that cancer is deadly, that cancer is stronger than our body’s defense healing ability.
Our beliefs are only taught to us, they are not facts, and they are not even real until we give them credence. What we believe is more important to our reality than anything else. What we do not believe we do not see. And this is exactly how we are conditioned to accept all this, as the only reality, which in consequence will be dominated by fear, and fear is an open gate to manipulation. Fear is contagious and is passed on with ease; it spreads like pandemic flu and is paralyzing the minds of its victims. Do not buy into this, this is the garbage created by the impotence of a man, an offspring of the “ego.” If they convince you that your mind is a garbage can, and you accept that into your belief system it is going to get filled to the rim, and you will be lost, and you will become part of their statistics.  God gave you free will and the freedom of choice, use it, get angry this is the emotion when properly focused can give you enough strength to break away from this madness.

 “Have I not commanded thee? Be strong and good courage; be not afraid,
neither be thou dismayed; for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever
thou goes.”
(Joshua 1:9)

 Traditional medicine has led us to believe that healing comes from the outside not from the inside out, and this is heresy equal to the belief that the earth was flat. This is compelling evidence for the archetype belief to emphasize the importance of vision, as the superior way for gathering information, and the fact is that, you can only see what you believe, and therefore you will never see the truth.
Approximately 50% of illnesses, when left alone, will eventually heal itself. The Journal of JAMA reported that 100,000 patients die yearly due to prescription medications, and another 100,000 to medical malpractice. Whenever physicians go on strike the mortality rate goes down. When we put all these pieces of the puzzle together, a clear picture emerges, the ugly face of the disease industry. Americans are spending two trillion dollars on disease care, and the figure is expected to reach a three trillion mark by the end of the decade.  One trillion will be spent on medication produced by the drug cartel. This is the only industry in the world, which is enjoying a profit margin of 3,000% to 5,000% over the coast of raw materials. You can be certain that these trillion dollar cash cows will be protected and defended. The pharmaceutical industry has assembled a pharma-cartel of lobbyists that control not only the medical industry but also the United State’s Congress.  The CBS program, Sixty Minutes, revealed that Congressmen are outnumbered 2 to1 by the lobbyist of the big pharma-industry, with a yearly budget of over $100 million.
Our modern medicine operates on the level of the body and has nothing to do with the healing.  It merely is responding to the crisis manifesting the disease. Fictitious diseases are invented all the time by the pharmaceutical industry for the sole purpose to sell more drugs. It has become apparent, that the more money that is spent on health care, the population becomes sicker over all.  There is something fundamentally wrong with this equation.  I am convinced that the problem originates in our belief system.

 “ If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your
mountain, “move!” and it will move…and nothing will be impossible
for you!”
  (Matthew 17:20)

 When you confidently connect your conscience with you higher self (the inner voice in you, which gets suppressed all the time) and your faith, you become a conscientious Shepard of your body, mind, and spirit and everything that you have, including the trillions of bacteria in your body. If your Shepard is vigilant and alert all the time you, will never get sick, never need a doctor or medication.  But if your Shepard is intoxicated, polluted with wrong beliefs, it is impossible that it will be able to do a good job, and the body and your mind will fall pray to the disease.
I remember when I was in puberty and developed a severe scalp condition; I went to see a dermatologist. She looked at me and said: “there is not much that I can do for you, but anyway you will be bald before you reach thirty.” My inner voice replied automatically:  “First you are going to lose your teeth before I lose my hair.” She gave me a prescription for some stinky cream, which I never used. If my Shepard would not have been vigilant and allowed this message that came from the authority, the doctor to sink in to my subconscious mind, with all probability, the face value of that message, would cut my hair one by one until I became completely bald.

Then, soon after the problem with my scalp, acne started popping up all over my face. This was very embarrassing. And again I went to see a doctor, he examined me very carefully, humming a little through the whole procedure, when he finished, he looked at me and asked: “do you have girlfriend?” I replied “no.” He responded, “when you get one, everything is going to clear up.” It took lots of work to clear up the mess, but the doctor was right. I liked him very much.  This may sound like a little fairytale, but this is how these thing work. That was holistic advice.
The Buddha teaching: “You can even learn from nature,” resonates with me. Everything that I learned about my body happened before I started going to school. From the sun up to the sun down every moment I spent running barefooted through the forest, playing by the lake and the river. Most of the time I was alone, but soon after I discovered that gentle inner voice somewhere inside my head. From that moment I never felt that I was alone, even until today. I start imagining that this voice comes from a tall wise man with white long hair with deep blue eyes, which like lake were reflecting the sky. His long ropes, with their silky shine, which felt like they were radiating light, and could not become dirty. Once I imagined him, for the first time I never had to do this again. I started calling him a man of the forest, because only there I could see him sometimes standing, sometimes sitting down, everywhere else, all I could hear was only his voice. He told me: “Look! Everything here is alive and is intelligent and it knows that you are here, if you learn how to listen they are all going to tell you their stories, they all will be your friends, if you will respect them.”  These are words of wisdom, which are engraved in to my mind. I have never seen the forest man again, but his voice is with me.

After this message sank into my mind, everything changed, suddenly became enchanted and magical.  I was lead to a spot where after spending 15 minutes there my body felt like a feather. I could run so fast and jump so high with an indescribable sensation that was defying gravity.  In the spot where I laid down on the ground and closed my eyes I saw a parade of soldiers in strange uniforms from the ancient past, a man on horses wearing clothes which I have never seen before, and there was a place of enchanted music where sounds were so clear and vibrant, serenading with no direction, I was imbedded in it, feeling that my whole body and every single cell was vibrating with music. Until today I have never heard anything, which would remotely resemble this musical experience.
When I finally put my shoes on and started going to school this capabilities started fading away. I lost my paradise, but not the memory of it, and the belief that the forest, lake, and river will never harm me, because they were my friends. There is no school or university on this earth, which can teach you like nature does.

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Symbol of mother of life; spiritual mystery; death and rebirth; timelessness and eternity.



Sugar consumption per capita in 1800 was a 14 pounds a year. In 2010, that figure was upped to 174 pounds of sugar a year introduced to your body. That sugar has to be metabolized, and in the process the system gets overwhelmed, exhausted, and collapses to the state of disease. The remaining unprocessed sugar will be fermented by bacteria which overwhelms the eco-system, simply taking advantage of available substrate, multiplying into big numbers, displacing the existing healthy flora and converting your digestive tract to a brewery of toxic by-products, converting sugar to acid, and preparing the real-estate for fungal infections. If this process is not stopped, reversed, or balanced, the consequence will be that the person ends up with diabetes, rotten teeth, bleeding gums, and galloping periodontitis, which directly correlates to arteriosclerosis, which will lead to heart attacks, strokes and pulmonary embolism and a  plethora of other chronic diseases like arthritis, kidney stones, and cataracts.
The gradual increase, every year in the last century, of sugar consumption has created an imbalance, a form of ecological crisis by favoring Streptococcus Mutans. This bacterium is a perfect converter of sugar to lactic acid, and in turn a higher concentration of lactic acid will poison some of its competitors and will dissolve the hydroxyapatite (the calcium bone material) from the teeth. This is a form of domino effect, disrupting the ecological balance of the human eco-system.  The overwhelming dominance of one strain of bacteria and its metabolic by-products which are highly toxic will have a ripple effect on the entire eco-system of the body.
Consumption of yogurt reduces the count of S. Mutans. (Archives of Oral Biology). Today an estimated 366 million people worldwide now suffer from diabetes and the epidemic is getting worse. The International Diabetic Federation describes the numbers as “staggering” with one person dying from diabetes every seven seconds. Here I have to agree with those who correctly conclude “that it is quite apparent that most modern diseases and suffering are the end product of the arrogance and ignorance of man, whom with his limited wisdom and resources in the end must look back to the Creator of all things for answers and restitution.” Excessive sugar consumption is mirrored by chronically elevated blood glucose levels. Featured in (Academia News 2012) the latest research suggest that hyperglycemia my related to cardiac damage independent of atherosclerosis. Researchers followed 9,662 patients, none of the participants had coronary disease or a history of heart failure. With the high-sensitivity cThT test, low levels of troponin T (a blood marker for heart damage) were found in 66% of the study population. The elevated glucose in the bloodstream might not only be related to increased atherosclerosis but potentially may directly damage the heart muscle. The excessive consumption of sugar is far more damaging to the body than alcohol and cannabises combined.


It will only take to allow one single theory regardless of how brilliant and scientifically correct is at the time of its implementation to see how it will evolve and take control of all aspects of life in the material plain, intellectual and even spiritual affecting all realities of our life’s and well-being. This will be illustrated by scrutinizing the effects of the life work of two French giants in the medical field. Luis Pasteur (1822-1895) and Claude Bernard (1813-1878).

Louis Pasteur

Louis Pasteur 1822-1895

Claude Bernard (1813-1878)


Pasteur creator of the “Germ Theory of Disease” the theory claims that fixed species of microbes from an external source invade the body and are the first cause of infections.  Robert Koch (1843- 1910) the first scientist to devise a series of tests used to assess the germ theory of disease and founder of the protocol which describe the necessary steps to follow in order to prove the connection between the causing agent and the disease known as “Koch Postulate”

There are four of them:

1)      The microorganism or other pathogen must be present in all cases of the disease.
2)      The pathogen can be isolated from the diseased host and grown in pure culture.
3)      The pathogen from the pure culture must cause the disease when introduced into a healthy susceptible laboratory animal.
4)      The pathogen mast be reinsulated from the new host and shown to be the same as the originally inoculated pathogen.


Pasteur, himself, never satisfied the Koch postulate in his research his methods were rather crude lacking sophistication. The man himself was ambitious self promoting type.

Joseph Lister (1827-1912)

Joseph Lister (1827-1912) was a surgeon known as “The Father of Antiseptic Surgery” who created a practical application of Pasteur’s theory. This theory became officially accepted as the foundation for Western Medicine, also called monomorphism (single form or one form). It was adapted by American Medical/Industrial Complex which is a billion dollar industry and which presently successfully influences and controls all aspects of our health care system and indirectly the quality of our lives. It no longer matters that Louis Pasteur before his death retrieved his theory and stated that Claude Bernard was right. “The microbe is nothing, the terrain (environment) is everything.” Despite the fact that this theory, including the Koch postulate, applies only to the planktonic form of bacteria which represents only 20% of microorganisms and also only to the species that can be grown in the culture media – which is again only 20% of the known species – the theory controls the petrified minds of today’s medical establishment including our health care system.
Let’s ask ourselves a question: what is a health care system built on this theory doing for you? The answer is plain: it does nothing. It simply waits for you to get sick and then aggressively intervenes, mostly to eliminate the symptoms of the disease, seldom addressing the underlining causes, exposing the body to chemo or radiation, which in many cases does you in faster than the disease itself. The theory renders you impotent and prevents you from taking any action because this monomorphic agent of infection is in the air, water and soil and it is inevitable that it will strike you sooner rather then later.  It is quite apparent that the health care system based on this type of philosophy is only a one-sided, unbalanced, fractural system, covering only a small percentage of the physical body. By  artificially dissecting it to pieces and trying to fix a piece at the time, it disregards the  environment and the rest of the body.  This system places us under strict control of forces which profit immensely from this status quo. We are now living under the influence of Louis Pasteur’s legacy.
On other hand Claude Bernard argued the importance of balance of the body’s internal environment as the condition for a free and independent life.

Rene Dubois (1901 - 1982)

The body becomes susceptible to the infectious agent only when the internal balance’s homeostasis is disrupted. The renowned 20thcentury French-American microbiologist Rene Dubos (1901-1982) agreed with Bernard’s principle by stating, “Most microbial diseases are caused by organisms present in the body of a normal individual, they become the cause of the disease when the disturbance arises in the equilibrium of the body.”

Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908)

Antoine Bechamp (1816-1908) extended Bernard’s idea to his concept of polymorphism (poly-many and morph-form), a revolutionary concept in the further study of microbiology and disease etiology.  Bechamp’s lifetime of research developed the basis for a theory that microorganisms could change their size as well as their shape, depending on the state of health of the host in which the microorganism lived. This finding collaborates with the broader notion that  slight changes in the environment will affect the flora which will rapidly adapt to the changes. The polymorphic organism will evolve with new strategies to enhance their survival; some new forms may evolve which will overwhelm the environment to the point of its collapse.
The researchers in MIT’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE) provide evidence which findings get to the heart of scientific question: how to delineate species of  bacteria – or determine if the term “species” even applies to bacteria, which are typically identified as ecological populations and not species. If all bacteria in population are clones from a common ancestor, the idea of species doesn’t apply. The term  “ecologically specialized population” may be more warranted.
In 1969 in a paper presented to New York Academy of Sciences, Dr. Virginia Livingston and Dr. Eleanor Alexander-Jackson declared that a single cancer microorganism exists. They asserted “The organism has remained an unclassified mystery, due in part to its remarkable pleomorphism and its simulation of other microorganisms its various phases may resemble viruses, microccocci, diptheroids, bacilli and fungi.” These are remarkable discoveries, which shed some light on the mystery of carcinogenesis and chronic diseases. The problem is that they directly collide with the accepted theory of monomorphism and will be rendered as impossible by mainstream science.  I will provide more evidence later.
The function of homeostatic balance is reflected in the growing influence of the ancient medical systems of India and China. In China the doctor gets paid to keep the population healthy, when somebody gets sick, the doctor has no rewards for his treatment. This is a perfect example of sound preventive medicine policy – something to consider for our health care reform. The reform will require fundamental changes of philosophical bases which will allow us to move away from medicine that is waiting for you to get sick, to medical practice which will prevent and protect you from getting sick in the first place. Before this can take place, heath care will have to break away from the vise of drug cartels and reform the education system.
Based on this cornerstone of Claude Bernard’s thesis we can clearly see that we have tremendous influence and control of the environment we are in. We can control our health by controlling what we eat, what we drink, and what supplements we take. We can educate ourselves as to what is the best health care for us; we can set the conditions for a free and independent life. This belief system directly collides with the established monopoly of the agro-medico-drug cartel which, with the unlimited recourses through massive advertising and enforcement agencies at its disposal, successfully controls and defends the territory of its influence, basing its scientific rationale on the influence of a man’s reputation (Louis Pasteur) rather than on the true science.

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Symbol of death and rebirth; (baptism), the flowing of time; transitional phases of life cycle; symbol of change; journey in time.






You are about to learn how some of the worst tooth and jaw infections will produce no pain and in spite of this, they are a time-bomb producing lethal disease in distant target organs. No part of your body is immune to it. You will gain some understanding and knowledge about the true agents responsible for these infections, their strategies which lead them to adversely affect 90% of global population. Their success is a measure of our failure.   According to Patrick Stortebecker M.D., Ph.D., formally associate Professor of Neurology, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, and University of Goteberg, Sweden: “Various microbes and their toxins, dwelling within chronic dental infections, may spread to the brain and cause different types of lesions.” “It may be asked,” Dr. Stortebecker says, “whether Western civilized people, harboring chronic dental infections, are jeopardizing their health, as well as their brains.”

William Russell 1852-1940

Let’s look at the findings introduced by William Russell (1852-1940) in the summary of his findings presented in “An Address on a Characteristic Organism of Cancer.” Russell, a pathologist in the school of medicine at the royal infirmary in Edinburgh, observed microscopically in fuchsine stained tissue sections from all forms of cancer that he examined as well as cases of tuberculosis, syphilis and skin infections. He described and photographed this parasitic bodies in the tissue cells (intracellular) and outside the cells (extra-cellular) . They are commonly known as “Russell Bodies.” The idea of Russell Bodies has been kicked around for almost a century. In that time we have sent a  man to the moon and back, resolved and gained understanding of tuberculosis, leprosy, syphilis, small-pox, polio, malaria and other viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases, yet still the Russell Body remains a Russell Body.

Russell Bodies

Why cannot we accept the explanation proposed and documented by many researchers: that the Russell Body is a bacterial infection of the cells and extra-cellular space in various cycles of the development of the pathogen in its new environment, in which all the available strategies of survival will manifest themselves and be played out.
            I think that it is about time to start paying close attention to the 99% of the gene pool which is not ours. What do we know about bacteria that enters our bloodstream? To attempt to answer this question we have to start with a basic understanding of life principles. The evolution of life depends on its ability to process information, gather the intelligence and respond to it in an organized manner. In order to make this possible there is a fundamental need for communication. In order to study life in its natural form, its principal requirement will be to learn the languages spoken on intercellular and intermicrobial level. But does this mass of 1,000 trillions of bacterial cells have any awareness of itself? Do they communicate among themselves? Is there a language which an estimated 1,000 species of bacteria has perfected? Does every species have its own language?  Do they have a common one?
To answer all these questions I have to introduce you to a remarkable woman, the enthusiastic professor from Princeton University, Dr. Bonnie Bassler. Prof. Bassler in her pioneering research has figured this out. The answer to all these questions is one big “yes.” This open the gates to new discipline of further study named sociomicrobiology. The bacteria do communicate; every species has its own chemical language and they have “Esperanto,” the language of all. You may say they all have a cell phone which is in constant use. The microbial society has had this capability for very long time, millions of years.
“Quorum sensing” (QS) is the regulation of gene expression in response to fluctuation in cell population density. Through “Quorum sensing” the bacteria are aware of the size of its population and its readiness to start synchronized action against the host through “Quorum acting,” by releasing their toxins simultaneously. The effects of these actions are very familiar to all of us, especially the gastro-intestinal infections, or massive acute inflammatory responses provoked by the rapid overgrowth of specific strains of bacteria. But please remember we have to prepare the environment for this to happen or bring the pathogen from outside, usually with infected food, direct contact, by ingesting contaminated water, by insects like mosquito or ticks (disease vector), contaminated surroundings like animal droppings, rats, rabbits, ants, fleas, cockroaches, birds or contaminated air, or human-domestic animal, wildlife interface vectors. These are the common transmitters.


The 14th century Black Death plague, an infection of rodents transmitted to humans by infected rat fleas and further from infected humans through aerosol transmission to the entire population, was literally like the four horsemen apocalypse that reigned Europe and Asia. The Black Death plague was one of great epidemic scourges of  mankind. The infection changed the human immune system by wiping out people who couldn’t deal with the infection. The survivors’ immune system was changed forever. Two-thirds of human population was eliminated, an estimated 75 million people died during the four years of pandemic. People thoroughly believed that it was the end of the world.

There are two deadly forms of the plague: bubonic plague, entry to the body by bite of infected rat flea, which spreads through lymphatic system and is systemic, causing organ hemorrhage (“Buboes,” black hemorrhage lymph nodes), and pneumonic plague, highly contagious entry to the body through body fluids contact and aerosols, causing pneumonia with usually a 100% mortality. The infecting agent was Yersinia pestis, a gram negative bacteria that can grow with or without oxygen (a quality called facultative anaerobic), named in honor of Alexander Yersin who isolated the bacteria in 1894 during the pandemic of the 1860s in China. As you can see through this essay the emphasis here is on changes in the environment, which always is the major determinating factor for presetting conditions for the event. In this case, let’s look and see if the bubonic plague was caused by the changes in the environment.


Yersinia pestis

14th century, the disastrous 14th century, was characterized by a medieval superstitious society, a time of the turmoil, diminished expectations, loss of confidence in institutions.  The corruption and moral laxity of the church reached an all time low. The Pope resided in Avignon, not in Rome, the nations had been plunged into turmoil by the Hundred years war, raids by British pirates, famine, food shortages, reports of cannibalism, and epidemics. This great western schism lasted until 1447. Islam made its deepest  penetration into Europe. Episodes of hysteria and religious fanatics ware common.

Black Death Ravages Europe

All these variables were actually under human control. The only one variable which humanity did not have any influence over was the dramatic change of the climate: the Little Ice Age was creeping in on the continent. The Baltic Sea froze for the first time in known history. The crop failure throughout Europe and long-lasting winters forced people into overcrowded shelters with no sanitation. These human quarters were infested with rats and fleas, hunger and fear had weakened the immune system of the population. All those factors combined with a dramatically changed environment created a perfect breeding ground for this double-edged pathogen capable of thriving in both aerobic and non-aerobic environments. The pathogen spread like wildfire through communities, leaving piles of dead bodies on the streets of towns and villages. The system of sanitation was quickly overwhelmed and rendered completely impotent to deal with the situation. The dead corpses were decomposing on the streets, completing the doomsday scenario.
Again this is obvious that the chain of events initiated by human actions and uncontrollable circumstances led to these disasters.
All these invasive strategies of pathogenic bacteria are achieved by gene expression of the pathogens, which in reality is part of their survival strategy, a swift response to the challenge of a new environment.



When bacteria through bleeding gums enters the bloodstream, it is immediately detected by the immune system of the host and full mobilization of the defenses is implemented and a frontal attack of the immune system is launched. The bacteria are fully aware that they have entered the hostile territory and their presence has been detected. They immediately begin the evasive actions of outmaneuvering and outsmarting the immune system’s defenses. The welcome party of immune T-cells will detect the bacteria and mark the cellular membrane with a specific marker which will allow the macrophages to recognize and devour the invaders. The bacteria know that they are marked and will be destroyed, so they will sacrifice their cellular membranes and escape. Through extensive research and advances in molecular biology we have gained understanding of these strategies and now we are fully aware that in many instances these bacteria are very successful and pathogens can colonize and master the invaded territory of the host, manifesting in form of chronic diseases.
Professor Linda Mattman of the Wayne State University and her colleague Dr. Phil Hokstra in their research discovered that the microorganisms when challenged shed their cell walls which makes them less vulnerable in this form. They then can easily invade and hide in the body’s own cells. This strategy is very common in nature. For example, lizards when challenged by the predator will drop their tail which will successfully confuse the predator and allow the rest of the body to escape to safety.
The enigma of predator and  prey relationship is a revelation in itself when we start paying attention to the logistics of the phenomenon. By utilizing our faculty of reason we will dissect the complexity of the relationship between the predator and prey.

            Lion and Zebra.    zebras photo

           In principle the predator wants to be as close as possible to its prey. This has been expressed in many fairytale stories in our culture like “Little Red Riding Hood.” On the other hand, the prey wants to be as far as possible from the predator, and only when there is contact between them, it ends the same way as the story, the prey gets eaten. The essence of life and survival is to gather intelligence of the enemy. That knowledge when converted to strategy will become the difference between life and death. How does the zebra know that the lion’s vision is in black and white only? This intelligence is incorporated into the strategy utilized on the genetic plane. The gene responsible for black pigment in the zebra’s hair has to be expressed, then the gene for white pigment, as well as the gene for pattern formation. So in the end we end up the familiar pattern of black and white stripes   characteristic of zebras. The pattern is emphasized by utilizing the highest possible contrast of black and white. This strategy will work only when combined with the behavior of the whole herd of animals when they are in motion. The rapid jerky movement from left to right of the whole herd in synchronized rhythmic fashion will confuse the lion’s brain for few seconds, and this is sufficient to gain the distance of safety for the herd.
This strategy is very common among species: herds of animals, flocks of birds, schools of fish, and the motility of planktonic form of bacteria in aquatic environment. The puzzling question remains: what sensors are capable of gathering, storing and transforming this information? Do they really exist? Are they really necessary? Not according to the Bell’s theorem (John Bell the Irish physicist, in a theorem which was formulated in 1964). It holds that the reality of the universe must be nonlocal; which means all objects and events in the universe are inter-connected with one another and respond to one another’s change of state. Inter-connectedness is accepted as a ruling principle, along with many forms of symmetry that extend through universe.
This information is traveling faster than the speed of light, that’s why the change of spin in one subatomic particle causes an equal but opposite change instantly in its partner somewhere in the universe. The English astronomer Sir Arthur Eddington once said, “When the electron vibrates the universe shakes.” All this is elegantly summarized by Deepak Chopra in his statement:
“The material body is a river of atoms, the mind is a river of thought, and what holds them together is a river of intelligence”.
Thought generated by the human brain is a substance. The strongest ones that are created will take the final form of an electromagnetic wave which, once created, will last forever and is indestructible. This is our eternal signature which is broadcast outward to the universe throughout our lifetime, to be finally followed by our immortal consciousness.


             When the bacteria enters the human blood vessels, there is a dramatic change of the environment in a very short time. The new environment inside the invaded human cell will put tremendous stress on the newly created micro bacterium. The metabolism of bacteria which obended it cellular form, will slow down 400 times compared to its previous cellular form, but it will not stop the micro bacterium, which will adapt to the challenges and will start multiplying inside the invaded human cell. The toxicity levels of these spontaneous mutants are extremely high compared to their cellular form.
Featured in Academia News: “Bacteria after invading healthy cells are able to camouflage and build a home for themselves inside the cell, and cause disease by manipulating natural cellular processes, by altering the host proteins in order to divert raw materials within the cell for use in building and disguising a large structure to house bacteria when replicates. The bacteria is stealing material from the cell to build their own house and then disguising it so it blends with neighborhood.”
Let’s pause for moment and scrutinize this research summary. What information is being conveyed here? I propose to take this information one piece at the time: The parasitic infectious bacteria invades the human mouth by modulating the behavior of the previous host, which helps them with the transmission process. Then that starts the matrix and bio-film formation, and the established colony prepares the ground for invading the bloodstream of the host. Then once inside, they shed their cellular membrane, invade the healthy human cells and then start stealing materials from the invaded cell to build their  own colony, disguised as natural cell structures and they begin multiplying.
What all this really means is that this pathogen is possessing a polymorphing characteristic and superior intimate knowledge about the processes and physiology of the environment of the human body. Their ancestors have been there before thousands of times; the mission is prepared to the last detail. Nothing is left to chance. You cannot eject the pilot from the jet plane without first designing, building and testing the catapulting device and anticipating the condition for its use. The bacteria have their catapulting device working perfectly, as well as hundreds of other capabilities built in to its genetic pool, aiding them in their life cycle as the micro-parasite at the molecular level of the human body.
The cell will get bigger like a balloon, pregnant with multiplying micro bacterium circulating inside the vessels of the human body. It is waiting to be discovered and put under a microscope of the researcher who will photograph it and label it as a “ Giant Russell Body.” The cell eventually will burst, releasing its deadly content which will circulate in the bloodstream, invading other healthy cells. This time they will be called a “Micro Russell Body.” It is a well-known fact that Russell Bodies can be found not only in cancer but in the majority of inflamed tissue throughout the body. They are also prevalent in the pulpitus of the teeth with histological features of chronic inflammation. Some of these pleomorphic (form-changing) bodies go through 16 stages of metamorphosing changes, which has puzzled researchers, and could very well be a development cycle of micro parasiting (dependence of one living organism on another), where the invader goes  from host to host or cell to cell, in and out throughout its life cycle.
Nature is full of examples of parasitic relationships.


Royal Rife

Royal R. Rife cultured an organism from tissue taken from human breast cancer, and then injected the microorganism into 412 healthy rats and found that all of them developed breast cancer. Then he was able to isolate the original microorganism from tumors, which grew in the rats. Probably he was the first researcher ever who fulfilled “Koch’s Postulate” for cancer causing microbes.

The work of Edward C. Rosenow, M.D. (head of Division of experimental bacteriology and professor of experimental bacteriology for the Mayo Foundation from 1915-44).

Early in his career, Rosenow worked closely with Frank Billing and Charles H. Mayo, both former AMA Presidents and staunch advocates of the concept of oral focal infection as a key factor in human systemic disease. And another former AMA President, Walter Bierring, in a landmark article discussing the works of Billings and Rosenow in the authoritative Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) in 1938, cited independent results that “furnished definite confirmatory proof of Rosenow’s theory of elective localization”. “Rosenow’s work has been so scientific, and his facts so firmly established that I believe we must either repudiate his facts, or in general way accept his conclusion… in regard to the elective affinity of bacteria for different organs and structures”. (George W. McCaskey in A.R. Barens and A.S. Giordano, Journal of Indiana State Med. Assoc., Ja. 15, 1922, 5.). Frick (A. Frick, JAMA 82:595, Feb. 23, 1924) stated that according to his clinical experiments there seems to be no doubt that Rosenow’s theory of the elective affinity of a specific streptococcus… for the gastric and duodenal mucosa is correct and the specific streptococcus is the common cause for peptic ulcer.”
Dr. Rosenow conducted eleven thousand experiments on animals by securing organisms from focal infections of the human mouth, usually infected gums from patients suffering from variety of systemic diseases, then culturing them and inoculating animals, reproducing the clinical syndromes of the patients in the animals. Resemblance of symptoms was often unbelievable. One of the important observations of Dr. Rosenow was that anaerobic strains of pathogenic bacteria were highly sensitive to changes of the oxygen partial pressure in their environment. “Rosenow…demonstrated in his laboratory experiment on a single rabbit which was infected with material from a patient who had died under violent encephalitic hiccups. Already 48 hours after the injection, the animal died in front of the visitors eyes after having hiccoughed violently for several hours.

Dr Edward C. Rosenow

The paramount work of Dr. Rosenow was fraudulently suppressed; if you have further interest in his revealing work I refer you to two publications by S. Hale Shakman from Institute of Science “Reference Manual Rosenow and All” and “Medicine’s Grandest Fraud PhD”. In 1924 it was known that peptic ulcers are caused by bacterial infection yet the treatment modality completely ignored the underlying true causes proscribing invasive surgical procedures to treat bacterial infection.
It took 60 years, up to 1984 when Barry Marshal and Robin Warren, after their second try, were accepted by Lancet to publish their discoveries. They isolated the bacteria responsible for 90% of duodenal ulcers and up to 80% of gastric ulcers, named Helicobacter Pylori. The bacteria is a spiral shaped gram negative Microaerophile, which requires a lower level of oxygen (~ 20% of existing atmospheric level). The infection is typically contracted in early childhood frequently by transmission from mother to the child, and that bacterial infection may remain for the rest of the person’s life. To prove the point to the world, on June 12, 1984 Barry Marshal intentionally publicly consumed H. Pylori and became ill, than he took antibiotics and was relieved from the symptoms, essentially proving conclusively that stomach ulcers are nothing more than a bacterial infection.

Helicobacter Pylori

In July 31, 1984 the New York Times published an article by its medical correspondent Dr. Lawrence K. Altman on the possible link between H. Pylori and (PUD) peptic ulcer disease. Dr. Altman stated later in 2002 “I never seen the medical community more defensive or more critical of a story” since he joined the newspaper in 1969. The largest resentment usually came from those in authority and those who made the biggest money on the procedures which became obsolete over night. In 2005, Barry Marshal and Robin Warren jointly received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine; this permanently stopped further discussion from the opposition.

Heliobacter pylori and imune T-cels (large spherical shapes)

“Once humankind’s conventional mentalities form a systematic way of working and thinking, new ideas are very difficult to accept. When the truth finally emerges, people do not believe it and instinctively reject it. Some people have developed the stubborn notion that only what one can see through the eyes is real and concrete. They do not believe what they cannot see, yet your eyes cannot see the truth when they are being deluded by false impressions.” This attitude has allowed them to function utilizing less than 5% of the brain’s capacity. Albert Einstein mastered 15%.



The other well-documented strategy of bio-film fragments that enter into the bloodstream is that they will release chemicals which activate platelets to unite and create a shield that blankets the bacteria, protecting them from detection by immune cells and antibiotics. This irregularly shaped newly created body will circulate in the bloodstream until it finds a suitable location to establish a new colony of bio-film in body tissue or organs, but in the mean time it will be a “Russell Body”.
All these findings support Rosenow’s theory of elective localization. The research on Bacillus Anthracis supports the findings that when the clusters of bacteria form,  through quorum acting they will activate coagulation factors which will initiate blood clots formation. (Nature Chemical Biology Nov. 2.2008). The bacteria, after dropping its cellular membrane, will utilize the strategy of coating itself with hydroxyapatite cocoons, which the immune system recognizes as calcium and leaves them alone. It is a simple strategy, requiring only a change of electrical charge to become automatically coated with ionic calcium present in the blood-stream.

Nanobacteria or Calcified Nano Particles (CNP)

This form of calcified microbacterium was discovered in 1988 by Nobel Prize nominee Dr. Neva Ciftcioglu who named them “Nanobacteria.” Nanobacteria or Calcified Nano Particles (CNP) are noted for being an active direct cause of pathological calcifications in human tissues. CNP are capable of bio-film formation similar to regular bacteria /Mayo Clinic Sudy/. There are indications that both enzymatic and physical-chemical interactions are required for bio-film formation. Tetracycline, an antibiotic that acts by blocking ribosomal protein synthesis but also has calcium chelating activity, is more effective in reducing nonbacterial bio-film than gentamicin which also acts to block bacterial ribosomal function, but lacks significant calcium chelating properties.
Our food production relies on industry standard “Pasteurization.” The process of pasteurization can be described in four words: the temperature too high, the temperature too low, which means the temperature is too high if it denaturizes the proteins and is too low if it does not eliminate all the pathogens, not mentioning the spores. The county statistics are overwhelmed with reports of poisoning by pasteurized foods.
Let’s review what we know about bacteria. Bacteria exist in two basic forms “Planktonic” and “Bio-film.” The planktonic form was described by Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek in 1673. Is a single cell motile organism living in a fluid aquatic environment capable of rapid movement known as motility? The research of the last two decades shows that planktonic mode of growth is secondary to the adherent type of growth typical to bio-film. Most of the knowledge of microbiology is based on work using free-floating organisms of the planktonic form. Unfortunately they represent only very small percentage of all bacterium and again an even smaller percentage of pathology associated with them. The cellular membrane surfaces of these organisms are hydrophiling (water lowering) and the pattern of gene expression is a markedly 30% different from bio-film bacteria. They coat themselves with various sugars (called glycocalyx) which will allow them to adhere to surfaces, and they tend to be more susceptible to antibiotics and chemical agents.
If you would like to make a comparison between planktonic form of bacteria and humanity it would be equivalent to the very early state of development of human society on the level of hunting and gathering, with minimal influence on the environment practically living off what nature has provided.
The bio-film on the other hand is a higher order of complexity, a heterotrophic mixed species of bacterium organized through sophisticated communication systems, capable of producing highly effective biochemical substances with engineering capabilities of matrix formation. Again if we would like to compare this form of bacteria to humanity it has to be up to date with latest development of our urban style of living and even then, the verdict of sophistication will be in favor of the bacteria bio-film.

Subgingival bio-film structure, bacterial aggregates.

Photo : (A) Overview of the subgingival biofilm with Actinomyces sp. (green bacteria), bacteria (red) and eukaryotic cells (large green cells on top). (B) Spirochaetes (yellow) outside the biofilm. (C) Detail of Synergistetes (yellow) in the top layer in close proximity to eukaryotic cells (green). (D) CFB-cluster (yellow) in the top and intermediate layer. (E) F. nucleatum in the intermediate layer. (F) Tannerella sp. (yellow) in the intermediate layer. Each panel is double-stained with probe EUB338 labeled with FITC or Cy3. The yellow color results from the simultaneous staning with FITC and Cy3 labeled probes. Bars are 10 µm. ( Courtesy of Vincent Zijnge, M. Barbara M. van Leeuwen, John E. Degener, Frank Abbas, Thomas Thurnheer,Rudolf Gmür,Hermie J. M. Harmsen ).






The engineering capability can be demonstrated by the fact that a matrix can be formed against shear forces that exceeds Reynolds’ by 5000 (Reynolds describe the velocity of turbulent flow of a liquid). This condition exists in the heart and major blood vessels. The matrix formed in areas of high velocity turbulent flow will have the characteristics of high tensile strength, resistant to mechanical breakage, and adequate strength in existing conditions. In low-shear velocity, laminar flow, the tensile strength, will be lower but adequate to existing conditions. The matrix is viscoelastic and behaves in a rubbery manner. Their polymeric structure is 95% water. When the bio-film reaches its maturity, the bacteria, through quorum sensing, can decide to lower the tensile strength of the matrix, allowing for the breakdown of the bio-film and detachment of preformed micro colonies  (up to 150 cells of bacterium are needed to retain the capability of the original bio-film.)
The shedding of the micro colonies can lead to a stroke, coronary blockage or severe pulmonary sequels with well-known clinical consequences.
Bio-film bacteria are programmed genomically to live predominantly in matrix-enclosed bio-films in a nutrient sufficient ecosystem and to release planktonic cells only episodically to colonize fresh surfaces. To live in a bio-film community the bacteria have to abandon their mobility to sessile (immobile) existence. There are several benefits provided by the organized society of bacteria. The biggest one is safety. The bio-film is 1000 times more resistant to chemicals and antibiotics and protects the bacteria from the attack of the immune system of the host. There is a system of efflux pumps which can actively eliminate chemicals and antibiotics after their penetration into the cell of the bacteria. There is a system of recognition and preparation of antibodies which will be transported through channels for the benefit of the whole community.
Remarkable parallels exist between the molecular and human forms of criminality. Labile or mutation sensitized proteins can simultaneously convert into an aggregation-prone formation that is toxic and infectious. These hazardous behaviors which can be described as a form of molecular criminality will be neutralized by the molecular chaperone and protease enzymes which are sort of similar to law enforcement agents. Damaging proteins that escape proteazonal degradation can also be incarcerated into dense amyloids evicted from microbial cells and internally recycled. The bacteria can anticipate future events and prepare for them.

Ivan Pavlov (1849 - 1936)

This finding will collaborate with the research of Ivan Pavlov (1849-1936), the first Russian scientist to win the Nobel Prize. His research was based on both ethical and scientific considerations. In the 1900s Pavlov’s research switched to the central nervous system and conditioned responses. When working with dogs he discovered that dogs started to produce saliva when hearing the footsteps of the laboratory technician, even though no food was present. It was established that a similar mechanism was behind the learning process in both animals and humans. Now this also applies to the bacterium. We can no longer afford not to recognize the fact that we are dealing with highly evolved, sophisticated intelligence capable of utilizing civilization to its advantage for  communal survival. The commonality and minimal conflict when combined makes for an optimum level of adaptation to changes of the environment, which is an essence of life and survival.




running water photo



Symbol of unconscious and action; life force of the psyche; rebirth; the source of creation; symbol of life; cleansing and rebirth.




            It is apparent from this finding that in order to gain a deeper understanding of nature and your body as well we will have to appreciate and accept the fundamental concept that life in this universe will thrive in places where all the forces of nature are in harmonic equilibrium and none of the extreme can dominate. So the essence of all is equilibrium-balance, this applies to this part of universe and to all living things. This is a holistic view considering humans, all living things and the environment as a single system where external and internal eco-systems are the same, only on a different scale.
Our body in order to stay in optimal health has to be in state of optimal equilibrium. So what is the optimal equilibrium for our body? Since 90% of the cellular mass of our body is bacteria, it is critical therefore to balance the ratio between good bacterial flora and potentially harmful bacterial flora. The optimal ratio is 85% to 15%. The most influential factor which can easily disrupt this balance is nutrition. Yes, nutrition will change the environment in your body, disrupting the ratio in your bacterial flora. The process happens easily, effortlessly and quietly, usually without your awareness. 
People on an average western diet which is laden with hydrogenated fats and refined carbohydrates have reversed this ratio to 15% and 85% and the evidence of this is all around you.
Let’s look for a moment at carbohydrates; they are the main energy source for the human body. Chemically they are organic molecules in which carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen are bound together. There are two types of carbohydrates, the simple sugars and the complex sugars made of long chains of sugars. Simple sugars are made of units called saccharide units. They are carbohydrates that contain one sugar unit (monosaccharide) or two sugar units (disaccharides). Simple sugars are sweet in taste and are broken down quickly in the body to realize energy in the Krebs cycle of the cells’ mitochondria. Two of the most common saccharides are glucose and fructose. They have same formula (C6H12O6) but different structure. Disaccharides have two sugar units bonded together. Common table sugar is sucrose which consists of a glucose and fructose unit bonded together.
Complex carbohydrates are polymers of simple sugars called complex carbohydrates often referred as polysaccharides or starches. Starch is principally polysaccharides which are used by plants to store glucose. Common sources of starch include rice, beans, wheat, corn, potatoes, and so on. Humans and animals store energy in its own polymer, glycogen. Glycogen is stored in liver and muscles.
Cellulose is a third polymer of the monosaccharide glucose unit which forms a two dimensional structure with a hydrogen bond making the molecule stable. Cellulose, known as plant fiber, cannot be digested by humans. However, the cellulose fiber is essential in the diet because is responsible for the peristaltic movement of the intestines in digestive tract and for keeping it clean and healthy.
The human body cannot tolerate large amounts of refined carbohydrates, the internal vital organs will be damaged by this gross intake of sugar. I would like to demonstrate this using the example of one small republic from the Polynesian archipelago that became addicted to the western diet.

The Micronesian island nation Nauru has been singled out for this presentation. The island is only 8.5 square miles making Nauru the world smallest republic. The traditional life style was based on local agriculture and fishing. The republic was once among the richest in the world due to royalties from phosphate mining. The people were described as strong, muscular and in good health (Huges, 2003) and were capable of canoeing for weeks on the ocean. The population had healthy teeth with no decay or signs of gum disease. One British Doctor after screening hundreds of patients on the archipelago could not find a single cavity; he was in the state of disbelief because in his home country statistics show that 98% of the population have caries and some form gum disease. The people were described as some kind of genetic marvel by European visitors.

Before and during World War Two, Japanese occupied Nauru. Part of the legacy of this period was adaptation to non-native eating habits. After the war, they increasingly depended on imported food. Their agriculture was abandoned and the population was put exclusively on a western diet. Today Nauruans are “most obese and have the highest blood pressure of all people in the Pacific” (Diamond 2003.p 660). All foods consumed by the Nauruans are imported from Australia, United States and Japan. (Ringrose and Zimmet 1979). Today the prevalence rate of diabetes 78.6% in females 50 to 58 years, 44% in those over the age of 20 and 82.4% in males. ( Zimmet, Alblaster and Thoma 1978 p.145 ). These rates are 20 times that of the Caucasian population and 3 times over urbanized Polynesians. The prevalence increases with age. People after 50 usually have lost their teeth to galloping caries and periodontal disease. This illustrates that nutrition is a major factor affecting our health and our well being. An exclusively western diet will convert in one generation people described as a genetic marvel to a toothless, obese, and sick population.


I would like to share with you a story from my own practice how a change in the environment can destroy your teeth in six months. My patient for many years, whom I considered as an example of perfect dentition with perfect occlusion, healthy gums and beautiful smile converted in six months to a totally disastrous condition of rotten teeth, where all of his teeth were attacked by circumferential caries, the gums were ruby red and would bleed from a blow of air. They were covered with cheesy like substance of material alba with a characteristic smell of decomposition. I was in a state of shock and disbelief. I’d never seen that far advanced condition before. The man was 40 years old and six months before had decided to take off from his business for one year for a sort of a Palm Springs vacation. I had to ask him this question: what did you change, what are you doing now that you had not done before? The answer was very short “I started boozing; I was sipping gin and tonic all day long.” This is a perfect example of a dramatic change of environment. The man was delivering a constant supply of sugar and acid to his mouth, allowing enamel to be dissolved and an extreme overgrowth of sugar fermenting bacteria (S. Mutans) which produced more acid and created this irreversible teeth destruction and gums condition. And all this happened in only six months!
The other patient was a fifty year old male with a full complement of healthy teeth who developed dry mouth syndrome and formed a habit of comforting himself by taking a sip of coca-cola every five minutes and swishing his mouth with it. In seven months, all his teeth were cut out, like beavers cutting trees. The teeth got weakened and one by one were broken off. Coca-cola contains phosphoric acid and lot of sugar.


The human mouth is considered to be the major portal of entry for majority of infectious diseases where tonsils and gums will be responsible for practically all chronic human conditions. Gum disease in the early stages of infection is classified as gingivitis meaning limited only to soft tissues, and in more advanced stages involves alveolar bone resorption, it is classified as periodontitis. The condition can be defined as: Periodontal disease is a localized, acquired contagious chronic bacterial infection of the gums and periodontium in a state of dynamic equilibrium between virulence of the pathogen and host defenses. This definition adequately describes only the short lasting early stages of localized infection, limited to mouth periodontitis.
The second stage of periodontitis shall be described as systemic chronic bactereming infection affecting the whole human body. In other words we can say periodontitis is an iceberg whose tip is visible in the human mouth and the rest is hidden inside of the human body.
This statement creates a serious problem for our medical community: who is supposed to treat this condition?

This condition requires a thoroughly holistic approach, but our body has been divided into pieces by each specialist claiming his stake. One guy will take a piece of your skin, the other your eye, another your tooth, then another your finger or your foot, and a bunch of others will get inside of your body and divide all of your organs amongst themselves. And the worst part of it all is, they do not communicate among themselves. And all this division is protected by licensing.
A clear example of this type of division and the consequences deriving from it comes from the political arena, when the British divided the Middle East through artificially created borders. They divided people without consideration for their culture, religions, traditions, languages, and put historical enemies within the same borders. The legacy of this is the creation of never-ending territorial disputes and is dominates our political arena still today.
The physical entry of the pathological bacterium to the bloodstream (the condition known as bacteremia) through an inflamed oral portal has lifelong consequences, affecting directly the health and quality of life and in the end becomes a force capable of separating the soul from the body. Like any living thing, bacteria metabolize and produce exotoxins which are capable of producing specific pharmacological actions against the host and are considered the most powerful and lethal poisons known. Some soluble bacterial antigens when in the bloodstream react with specific antibodies of the host to form macromolecular complexes. These give rise to a variety of acute and chronic inflammatory reactions at the sites of deposition leading to array of degenerating diseases, a form of bi-directional interaction in which eventually the host becomes the victim of the disease.

Dr Weston Price

The Journal of Periodontology reported that chronic bacterial infection of the gums causes oral bacteria by-products to enter the bloodstream and trigger the liver to make proteins such as CRP (C- reactive protein) that inflame arteries and promote blood clot formation. The evidence supporting the devastating power of exotoxin can be found in the work of Dr. Weston Price (1870-1948). Dr. Price was a Cleveland dentist. One day a female patient was brought to his practice in a wheelchair. She had been paralyzed for several years. After examination and x-rays it was determined that one of her old root-canalled tooth needed to be extracted. The procedure was performed at the same appointment and the patient was dismissed. A couple of weeks later, Dr. Price received a surprising telephone call from the patient and learned that she was no longer using her wheelchair, and was able to walk on her own again.
That information prompted Dr. Price to investigate the matter; he found the root-canalled tooth and inoculated it under the skin of a rabbit. After two weeks the rabbit was paralyzed. It became obvious that there must be something in that tooth which was causing paralysis. Dr. Price reasoned that the tooth was infected with bacteria and the bacteria was responsible for the paralysis. He sterilized the tooth in an autoclave for 48 hours, making sure that no bacteria was left alive, then inoculated another rabbit, thinking that this time there would be no paralysis. Dr Price in the past had inoculated rabbits with extracts from healthy teeth and they never caused any harm to the animals. To his surprise, the rabbit developed a paralysis like the one before. It became apparent that not the bacteria, but bacteria’s exotoxin was causing the paralysis. You cannot destroyed exotoxins by sterilization.
Please look at the list of chronic systemic diseases presently associated and initiated by the bio-film and planktoning species residing in the human mouth: Osteoporosis, Osteomyelitus, Crohn’s Disease, Pott’s disease (vertebral tuberculosis), Multiple Sclerosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crest Syndrome, Coronary Heart Disease, Myocardial Infractions, Strokes, Acquired Neutropenia, Leukemias, Pancreatic Cancer, Metabolic syndrome, Renal Diseases, Alzheimer’s Disease, Lupus Erythromatosus, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Epilepsy, Vision Disorders, Preterm / low birth weight of babys  and even  Brain Tumors and Cancers. The list is getting bigger every passing year.


The infection is usually transmitted in the early stages of development of the infant from mothers through spoon feeding when mothers are food testing or blowing air to cool down the formula, or is acquired later in teenage years when kissing becomes the reason to be alive. I have been suspecting for a long time that these so-called natural automatic behaviors like kissing, blowing air on food by mothers, babies notoriously stuffing their mouths with soiled toys, actually benefit the bacteria, because in this process there is a massive transfer of bacteria between the objects and individuals. It may even be possible that this behavior is actually initiated by the bacteria itself.
New research by scientists from UMASS medical school published in current Biology shows evidence which for the first time illuminates a biological and ecological path that links all the players involved: from genes to molecules to neural circuits to behaviors to the environment. They were studying how the nervous system generates behaviors and translates sensory information into coordinated motor output. There were studies on three hundred inmates who had committed rage crimes. They concluded that all of them were infected with a strain of streptococcus that was producing a specific neurotoxin affecting the part of the human brain responsible for aggressive reactions, and that the infected individuals did not have any control over it.
Studies in 1970 showed that specific strains of streptococcus mutans are transmitted from mother to a child. This conclusion was confirmed in 1980 by DNA technology. Transmission from child-to-child, and adult-to-adult has also been confirmed. Filament forming catalase positive bacterium, Actynomyces viscosus, when inoculated into non-infected animals induces periodontal lesions and root caries. (Jordan and Keyes 1964). Socransky and coworkers induced periodontal-lesions in gnotobiotic rats by infecting them with human strains of Actynomyces naeslundi (Socransky, Hubersak and Propas 1970). Viscous periodontopatic biofilm transfer from children to rats maintained in germ-free environment induced severe periodontal lesions and roots caries in rats. ( Jordan, Keyes and Bellack 1972). Jordan and Keyes in their experiments of putting disease-free hamsters in the same cage with periodontally infected hamsters were able to prove that the transmission of the disease is possible through casual contact between the animals by simply staying in the same cage and sharing the environment.
All these findings confirm that periodontal disease is a highly contagious far-reaching oral infection with specific strains of bacteria which can be always isolated from infected sites and these bacterial mats (bio-films) differ quantitatively from specimens removed from healthy sites. Significant research has supported this fact. (Loesche,1976, Socranski, 1977, Slots, 1977, and Mellden,1978, Keyes and Rams 1982).
The extraordinary resilience of these infectious microbes, which have a remarkable ability to evolve, adapt, and develop resistance to drugs and chemicals in an unpredictable and dynamic fashion should be considered a bacterial risk factor that should not be given the benefit of the doubt. The chronic state of infection remains symptomless without any discomfort or awareness of the patient, and the condition can last for many years undetected and therefore not treated, allowing for significant destruction of periodontium (peri-odon-tium, the supporting structure of the teeth including the cementum the periodontal ligament, the gums and alveolar bone). The most important of all the pathogens have sufficient time to compromise the host defenses and enter the bloodstream. We now know of the mechanism that when the balance between bacteria virulence and host defenses gets compromised, bacteria, reaching a critical mass and through quorum sensing, will receive awareness of its readiness and will wait for the triggering opportunity, for example the fluctuation in the immune system’s defenses. This will be detected by the bacteria and when the immune system is at its lowest, the attack will be launched. Then the chronic state will turn to an acute state. manifesting all five classic signs of acute infection: tumor, rubor, calor, dolor and funcio lessa.
It needs to be stressed that once exposed and infected with strains of these pathogens, the state of infection will be dwelling in the body all the time. The destructive symptomless chronic infection occasionally will turn to symptomatic acute state. The human mouth has to be considered as an ideal environment for six hundred species of bacteria. The place is warm, moist, and humid with plenty of food, the terrain is multi-formed, solid and aquatic capable of accommodating both forms of bacteria, planktonic and bio-film, in a comfortable setting of an ideal eco-system. The bio-film is occupying the prime real-estate, the beach property, taking advantage of solid and aquatic environment by colonizing the surfaces of the teeth facing, down to the gum sulcus which is full of tissue fluid. As I have mentioned before the humans have same preferences as bacteria.
The bio-film colonies are gently washed with saliva which is a rich source of minerals and is laden with dissolved sugars. Saliva also is equipped with its own enzyme “amylase” which cuts long-chain sugars like starches to short-chained sugars, sort of preparing food on the spot for bacterial consumption. The planktonic form of the bacteria have an aquatic environment of eight liters of saliva flowing through the human mouth in 24 hours and gingival cervicular fluid (GCF) the blood serum transudate.
We all know that our blood carries a significant amount of glucose in the serum and GCF being a serum transudate will have only 1/10 less of glucose in cervicular fluid than in the whole blood. This explains why people suffering from diabetes will be also suffering from severe periodontitus, simply because they have more glucose in their GCF and saliva, therefore more bacteria will grow and faster overwhelm the environment, causing destruction to teeth and periodontium. (The time factor for this to occur, referring to two examples from my practice, is 6 to 7 months). This is the same reason that the people from Nauru lost their teeth due to periodontitus, and caries.

cloudy sky



Symbol of masculine domination; place of Gods.





95% of the more than 700 species of microorganisms residing in the oral cavity are represented by harmless helpful bacteria classified as gram positive aerobic (oxygen loving) strains. Only less than 5% will be associated with periodontal disease and they are mostly represented by gram negative anaerobic strains of bacteria (anaerobic: keeping away from oxygen). Inflammatory disease cannot develop without these bacteria. The most implicated bacteria in chronic periodontal disease characterized by deep periodontal pockets and high resistance to conventional treatments are: Actinobacilus, Actinomycetemcomitans, Porphyromonas Gingivalis, Tannerella Forsythia, Treponema Denticola, Treponema Socranskii, and Porphyromonas Inermedia.
P. Gingivalis produces enzyme arginine-specific cysteine proteinase which disrupts the immune system and leads to periodontal connective tissue destruction. The bacterial trio T. Denticola, P. Gingivalis, B. Forsythos
also known as “RBC” red bacterial complex, associated with most severe forms of periodontal disease
possese enzymes capable of hydrolyzing the synthetic peptide benzoyl-DL-arginine naphthylamide (BANA).

Treponema Denticola, Porphyromonas Gingivalis, Tonnerella Forsythia previously known as B. Forsythia.

(RBC)  ” The red bacterial complex ” always present in severe periodontal disease, its presents can by detected in samples taken from periodontal sulcus through enzymatic test resolts avilable after seven minutes of incubation.

Based on this unusual enzyme Dr. Walter Loesche and colleagues at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry developed a highly sensitive test specific to this bacteria which allows early detection and diagnosis of periodontal disease. In view of the overwhelming evidence supported by research, accepting the existing paradigm that periodontal disease is limited to gums, alveolar bone and teeth is no longer possible. We have to accept the truth and face the fact by redefining the existing definition of the disease to the new paradigm that periodontal disease is a systemic contagious condition, by nature inflammatory to the whole body, in which all the life sustaining organs are under direct threat. Early diagnosis, antimicrobial therapy, microscopic monitoring of treatment, efficacy and intervention in transmission of pathogenic bacteria must become the standard of care in control of caries and periodontal disease, followed by systemic intervention to eliminate the pathogen from the body. In order to fulfill this promise it will be essential to scrutinize prevailing methods, protocols, applied standards and recommendations offered by the dental profession. The scrutiny will be narrowed to the field of periodontal disease.
Reflecting on all the information presented and the assessment of current standards and rationales based on outdated research, it will be appropriate to revisit them and expose the inadequacy of offered procedures currently widely used for treatment of periodontal disease. In order to attempt this evaluation it will be necessary to bring forward the newest research to date available to gain understanding of the processes taking place in the human mouth and how they are affecting the dynamics of the disease.

Mitochondria are the cell's power producers. They convert energy into forms that are usable by the cell.

The bacterial diversity in human oral cavity is estimated to be more than 700 different species and phylotypes, belonging to nine phyla: Defembacteres, Spirochaetes, Fusobacteria, Actinobacteria, Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, Proteobacteria and newly discovered  none cultivable two phyla members OP11 and TM7. We have to acknowledge that bacteria are essential to our existence in this earthly environment and are  playing a leading role in many life sustaining processes. For example, mitochondria were  once living prokaryotes (cells that lack nucleus and organelles) and took up residence in large cells and developed a relationship that is so successful that now the cell would die without  them. They are in every cell of the human body, except red blood cells. They have their own DNA and multiply separately from cell division. Mitochondria are responsible for 90% of the chemical energy production for the cell. Chloroplasts have a similar function in the cells of plants.

The three pounds of bacteria in the human digestive tract are working to break down our food, to realize nutrients which will be absorbed by the body. 95% of the  bacteria are helpful in commensal relationship with the host. The remaining 5% are potentially pathogenic and only a few will be strictly pathogenic with parasitic characteristics.
They are the ones capable of polymorphic metamorphosis, adapting to the form most suitable to survive in newly acquired environments; they are the ones which provoke the organism to acute inflammatory response and which paradoxically will aid them to break entry from the inflamed gums to the bloodstream and from there to every organ of the body. They hide in the bio-film of sub-gingival calculus with extra protection by meniscus of cervicular tissue fluid from antibiotics and chemicals of mouth rinses.
Next time when you take a mouth-rinse which kills 99% of germs, think for a moment: what germs? I have never seen anybody who has slowed down the periodontal disease with mouth-rinses but I have seen many who developed candidacies (fungal infection of the mouth) which will easily turn systemic.
The mouth is a very valuable piece of real-estate when you wipe out the occupants, meaning your good bacterial flora. The fungus will take over or other parasitic strains of bacteria, but your infectious bio-film bacteria occupying gummy sulcus around your teeth will survive unaffected.
It definitely looks like we have problem and a dilemma when dealing with this situation. Our concern will make us seek professional help from the dental office. The most commonly prescribed procedure will be teeth cleaning, also known as prophylaxis. The procedure is performed by a dentist or dental hygienist with a rotary instrument equipped with prophy cup filed with abrasive paste usually (pumex based). When properly administrated, it will remove most of supraginival plaque and some subgingival, providing that the plaque is not mineralized. This procedure is recommended as a follow up after a more invasive procedure of deep cleaning, also known as scaling and root planing.
Standard recommendation is to come every 3 months, provided that you will perform meticulous and judicious oral hygiene regime of brushing and flossing after every meal. The recommendation is based on an obsolete study that determined that it takes 90 days for plaque to mature and if a dentist intervenes again in that period of time this will control periodontal disease.
The newer, more sophisticated research has determined that immediately after creating a clean surface of the tooth, in the next 30 seconds that surface will be coated with salivary mucosal protective film called pellicle. The film’s physical properties, such as viscosity and strength, are the result of complex interactions between different proteins within the saliva and other components such as calcium and other salts, food proteins and emulsifiers. Immediately afterwards, the gold rush begins: all the bacteria from the vicinity and saliva will start the colonization of available surfaces and bio-film formation. Providing that one cubic millimeter of saliva approximately contains 10 to 9th power of bacteria we are starting the process with astronomical numbers of colonizers.
The average amount of time required for the division of the bacteria in a colony is 15 minutes, and the numbers double and so in the next 15 minutes double again and again providing that the substrate (food) is available. In 8 hours, after a professionally executed procedure, we have a completely brand new bio-film ecosystem established, and all destructive processes of resorption and chronic inflammatory processes are engaged in the dismounting of our periodontium.
The therapeutic value of this procedure is less than 8 hours. If someone wanted to be sarcastic, the new recommendation would be to come to the dentist every 8 hours. Totally impractical.
It would be interesting to know how much substrate (food) is needed to fully saturate the metabolic rate of all the bacteria in oral flora. The answer comes from a 25 year old French study. After the preparation of teeth with prophylaxis and polishing and rinsing with water, the base for the study was established. Then one drop of orange juice was placed on the tip of the tongue and the measurements were performed. For 7 minutes the graph almost vertically climbed up then reached a plateau, bacteria were saturated and adding more substrate would not change the rate of metabolism, (metabolic rate in this context means division of bacteria every 15 minutes). The plateau of full saturation lasted for 3 hours and in 45 minutes, then dropped down to the baseline.

This information is eye opening. The amount of food needed to saturate the bacteria’s metabolic rate in the mouth for 3 hours and 45 minutes is infinitely small compared to the amount of food in our meals and the frequency of them correlates with the interval of saturation, not to mention the snacks between the meals.
The scaling and root planing or deep cleaning is a very invasive procedure especially when it is performed under local anesthesia which contains adrenaline. The medication is a very strong vasoconstrictor, responsible for shutting off blood circulation in the area of micro surgery and practically paralyzing the immune defenses for the period of the procedure, when the instrumentation and manipulation of the tissues stirs up the bacteria and causes massive bacteremia in the blood of the patient.
Anesthetic procedures and surgery increase the occurrence of bacteremias up to 97%. Dissemination of oral microorganisms into the bloodstream is common and in less than one minute after the oral procedure, organisms from the infected site may have reached the heart, lungs and peripheral blood capillary system (Clinical Microbiology Review Oct. 2000).  There are some horror stories of complications after these procedures, and in some cases there has been a need for hospitalization of the patients. Scaling and root planing is expensive, labor intensive, and time consuming, and lethally delegated to the dental hygienist by most dentists. Based on recent findings the therapeutic value of this procedure lasts for 8 days.
Gum surgery, the most invasive and most expensive procedure, the bread and butter of periodontists, has similar therapeutic value to deep cleaning. Dr. Arthur Merritt, a highly respected New York periodontist and a president of ADA (American Dental Association) stated “Surgical periodontia is an indictment of the dental profession made necessary only because of its failure to live up to its responsibilities in the prevention and early treatment of periodontal disease.” And nothing can be truer than this statement. Dr. Paul H. Keyes the founder and developer of “Keyes method” of non-surgical control of periodontal disease noted:  “ If you are going to scrape around the teeth, you’re not more than the janitor going around cleaning up the office – janitorial services…a janitor of the mouth.” Dr. Keyes had this to say about gum surgery: “ Unnecessary disfigurement of the mouth.”
To me, gum surgery is a hopeless chase after despairing alveolar bone which leaves the patient with horsey looking teeth. It will not stop bone resorption nor the disease. The rationale for this surgery is to reduce pocket depth as close as possible to physiological levels. Patients who choose this treatment modality usually will have multiple surgeries through their lifetime.
The three basic methods presented above used in dental offices to control periodontal disease and home care instruction of brush and floss have one thing in common: they are all mechanical in nature and the only thing you can achieve by using them against a living biological environment is to disorganize and disperse, nothing more. And now we know for how long (8 hours to 8 days ). It will not eliminate bacteria nor neutralize any by-product or toxins they produce.
It is similar to finding an ants’ nest and stirring it up with a stake. In a very short time, the nest will be reconstructed and in full operation. It will be interesting to visualize the scale of these mechanical devices in relation to the bacteria they are intended to be used against. On the tip of one bristle of your toothbrush you can place hundreds of thousands of bacteria. The dental curette use by the dentist to scrape your teeth, compared  to a single bacteria will be as big as New York’s tallest skyscraper. You can imagine the precision these devices can achieve in this micro world. It is almost the same as if you have an expensive Swiss watch and somebody gives you a hammer and sickle to repair it. And yet the majority of dentists using this method routinely will claim the success of relieving their patients from suffering with good results, the modality of which will be substantiated as a valid and helpful treatment by scientific study.

But that will be only true if we measure the success on the basis of remission of symptoms. Statistically, the majority of patients will look for professional help when the periodontal disease turns from the chronic symptomless state of inflammation, to the very painful acute state of inflammation. The body responds in very rewarding ways to these treatments, leaving the professional with satisfaction and the patient relieved with a feeling of gratitude, believing that everything will be fine. What happens here is that it is relatively easy in early state of the disease to bring the body to the state of equilibrium between the pathogen virulence and host defenses, back to the original state of chronic inflammation.
However, there was no cure here because the cure was never attempted. The pathogens were never identified, nor considered as probable cause for this condition.
This situation will repeat itself again and again then with higher frequency and finally the patient will be in state of “chronic acute infection” a state of pyorrhea with pockets up to 9-10 mm. There will be no treatment for this condition except for tooth extractions, as there will be no more alveolar bone left.
But from the perspective of the periodontist this is a new opportunity for windfall profits. Yes, these patients are candidates for dental implants. This time a full mouth restoration will be equivalent to the price of a new Mercedes and ironically the post operative instruction to the patient will the familiar, brush and floss your implants.
The logic of this is overwhelming, how is it possible that this mechanic who failed  to save your teeth, this time will save your implants? Dental implants are more susceptible to bacterial infections than natural teeth, and the failure of an implant has much more serious consequences than the loss of the tooth. The time for treatment and the opportunity to address the true cause of the disease was wasted in those 40 years of  pursuing the symptoms, never attempting the cure. The only thing which allows this status quo to exist is that the disease itself takes 40 to 50 years to claim the teeth. But at this time it is actually claiming the whole body.
In order to have an understanding of periodontal disease we have to gain the understanding of two underlying processes that are associated with this inflammatory condition. One is alveolar bone resorption and the second is penetration of the bacteria through inflamed gums into the blood circulation. We know that bacteria cannot resorpt the alveolar bone or any bone. If that were to be the case, we would never have found 60 million year old fossilized skeletons of dinosaurs, or other animals or humans. To resorpt the bone you have to have specialized cells that are equipped with a battery of enzymes and chemicals suitable for the task.
The cells capable of these assignments are the osteoclasts (bone resorpting). They are a specialized macrophage polykaryons whose differentiation is regulated by a colony stimulating factor RANK ligant and osteoprotegrin and osteoblasts (new bone forming large cells, originating in bone marrow). Without these cells in our body, our broken bones would never heal. The exact processes of initiation of bone resorption are not clearly understood but there is enough data available to have a general understanding of the phenomena. To initiate the process of bone resorption there has to be an accumulation of osteoclasts in the area, the stimulating factors responsible for osteoclasts’ differentiation, RANK and osteoprotegrin, have to be activated. The pathological strains of bacteria like Porhyromanas Gingivalis, Campylobacter Rectus, Acinobacilus  Actinomycetemcomitans, and Fusobacterium Nucleatum are known to induce in the host cells several factors, such as lipopolysacharides (LPS), interlukin-1 (IL-1) and (IL-6), tumor necroting factor (TNF), vesicles toxins and enzymes. (Infected Immune Sept. 1998). Some of these factors like inerlukin-1 (IL-1) are considered as the marker of osteoclastic activity and when combined with specific fluorophores will be visible under a fluorescence microscope (which gives the opportunity for quick chair-side diagnosis).

Localization of species of bacteria associated with periodontitis in bio-film matrix.

Photo: Overview of the subgingival biofilm with CFB-cluster species (red) and Prevotella sp. (yellow). Since Prevotella sp. are part of the CFB-cluster of bacteria, cells appear in yellow. (B) Top of the biofilm with a micro-colony of P. micra (yellow). (C) Micro-colonies of P. gingivalis (yellow) in the top layer. (D) Micro-colonies of P. endodontalis (yellow) in the top layer. (E) Micro-colonies of P. intermedia in the top layer. ( Courtesy of Vincent Zijnge, M. Barbara M. van Leeuwen, John E. Degener, Frank Abbas, Thomas Thurnheer,Rudolf Gmür,Hermie J. M. Harmsen )










The group of bacteria associated with periodontal disease when organized into bio-film matrix is capable of producing sophisticated chemicals that allow them to modulate the surrounding environment. They all are anaerobes and by inducing osteoclastic activity (bone resorption) they achieve substantial improvements of their anaerobic ecosystem. Deeper pockets offers more protection, less oxygen, and when combined with matrix formation and allowing other bacterium to join the bio-film home, the community is capable of full control of the activities in periodontal pockets. The bio-film strength comes from the diversity of bacteria and combined gene pool at its disposal. Everybody is working for benefit of all, an “E Pluribus Unum” at its best.
The pocket is converted to a well organized base which will be used as the launching port for the assault on the border. The ultimate goal of this pathogenic bacterium is to break entry into the host circulatory system and then fully exploit its parasitic capability (polymorphic, many-forms, changing forms, intracellular and extracellular, “Russell Bodies,” nanobacteria).


When everything is prepared in the environment of a chronic state of equilibrium between pathogen virulence and host defenses, the bio-film community through quorum sensing  and quorum acting will induce from the host the acute inflammatory response characterized by five classic signs of inflammation: Rubor (redness) increased vascularity, Tumor (swelling) exudation of serum fluid, Calor (heat) increased blood flow and inflammatory mediators, Dolor (pain) stretching of pain receptors and nerves by inflammatory exudates and chemical mediators, Funcio Lesa  (loss of function).
One of these five classic signs of acute inflammatory response will directly aid the bacteria for its entry of pathogen or fragments of bio-film in to the capillary vessel. That sign is Tumor (swelling). When bacteria or their toxins are recognized by the immune complement system, it in turn produces chemical messengers ( cytokines ) which will warn other cells of the immune system that the body been invaded. There will be general mobilization, known as immune-cascade, and an urgent need to create extra space to accommodate this massive concentration of large immune cells and proteins into the area of inflammation. The chemical mediators are released from plasma cells, including mast cells, platelets, neutrophiles and monocytes/macrophages like histamine and other vasodilators.  They are injected into the bloodstream, causing dilatation of the blood vessels which in turn increases permeability of the capillaries and separation between endothelial cells, allowing for a massive exodus of serum exudates into extracellular space and migration of phagocytes outside the blood vessels.
This condition will be visible as a swelling capable of enlarging the area up to five times compared to the healthy state. Macrophages begin life as monocytes which originate in the stem cells of the bone-marrow, but when they are called to action they turn to macrophages. There are stationed in strategic locations through the body and are the front line defense against bacteria invasion.
This rapidly created aquatic open highway allows for navigation and piloting of macrophages and leukocytes to the areas of concentrated bacteria invaders. The piloting is literally the same as the transport of heavy equipment on the freeway: the small mobile pilot car in the front, and one behind the machine. The classic military strategy is applied: circumscribe, isolate and destroy. So an acute infection will be eliminated and we will recover and get back to normal, quickly forgetting the incident.
But that will not happen in the case of gum inflammation infected with these  known pathogens. The acute inflammation will be brought back to its chronic state of equilibrium between pathogen virulence and host defenses and the process will go on and repeat itself again. But an open highway is a two way street; if something gets out something always will get in. This changed environment creates an opportunity for motile bacteria to break entry, and by simply positioning themselves near the emerging macrophages they will be sucked in by the closing capillary wall.
What happens later we already know.  After the battle is over, most cells participating in the event will die and the proteins, dead bacteria and chemical debris will be organized to pus and extracted from the body. The cells in the body after exhausting their life cycle in normal circumstances will die by “committing suicide” (apoptosis-death of cells in normal fashion).


However in cases of chronic inflammations, the situation is different.  Helper T-cells emit a “stay alive” signal, and keep emitting the signal as long as they detect a foreign antigen in the body. This allows the cells that have exhausted their life cycle and accumulated irreversible damage to stay alive and divide, producing compromised sister cells which eventually will turn carcinogenic.
This is the mechanism by which prolonged (chronic) infections become the cause for cancer formation.  To simplify the matter and summarize: the nature of periodontal disease lies in the capability of specific strains of bacteria to send signals through messenger proteins to activate osteoclastic activity and they will maintain this status as long as the pathogen is allowed to occupy the invaded site. Any mechanical manipulation alone performed by dentist or patient in its principle are subject to failure since they cannot affect or disrupt living biological processes. But they can be very helpful in aiding the pathogen to achieve its second objective: the systemic colonization of the host.
In order to make any progress with correct diagnosis (without diagnosis there is no treatment) we have to separate two distinguished processes, calculus formation and bio-film formation. Both processes are occurring independently from each other and are based on totally different principles.
First of all the calculus formation does not require presence of bacteria to form. This is a proven fact by numerous studies on germ-free laboratory animals where calculus formation was observed. The only difference was that the process of formation was slower than when bacteria was present.  Calculus formation a is natural process. It is happening all over the world whenever water with dissolved calcium phosphate salts is present, not excluding saliva. Examples of this process surround us everywhere: shower heads, faucets, plumbing pipes, washing machines and nature’s magnificent stalactite formation.   The following minerals are found in calculus: Brushite, octacalcium phosphate, magnesium whitlockite, an unusual form of calcium phosphate and hydroxyapatite.
When one cleans the surface of the tooth, 30 seconds later pellicle formation is completed, the bio-film formation colonizes in approximately two hours and completes the first layer of bacteria. The electrical charge of the tooth will be changed from positive to negative which will actively initiate precipitation of positively charged ions of minerals dissolved in saliva to the newly formed bacterial plaque. This process speeds the calculus formation because of active transport of ions, similar to plating baths of metals.

Localization of the most abundant species of bacteria in supragingival bio-films.

Photo: Localization of the most abundant species in supragingival biofilms. Streptococcus sp. (yellow) form a thin band on top of the biofilm (A1), almost engulfing in the biofilm (A2) or present as small cells scattered through the top layer of the biofilm (A3). (B) Cells from the CFB-cluster of bacteria in the top layer of the biofilm, without defined structure. (C) Lactobacillus sp. (red) forming long strings through the top layer. (D) Actinomyces sp. (yellow) plaque attached to the tooth. (E) Actinomyces sp. (green) and cocci forming initial plaque.(F) Multispecies initial plaque composed of Streptococcus sp. (yellow), yeast cells (green) and bacteria unidentified (red). (G) Streptococcus sp. (green) and Lactobacillus sp. (red) forming initial plaque. Black holes might be channels through the biofilm. ( Courtesy of Vincent Zijnge, M. Barbara M. van Leeuwen, John E. Degener, Frank Abbas, Thomas Thurnheer,Rudolf Gmür,Hermie J. M. Harmsen )




It has to be noted that saliva is exclusively responsible for supragingival calculus formation. Because both processes, bio-film and calculus formation, occur in the same environment simultaneously and physically occupying the same space, there will be competition between plaster (calculus formation) and bio-film groups which in final outcome give us the layers of a cake with always fresh bio-film on the surface.
The dynamic of bio-film formation is same in every patient providing that nutrients are available, but calculus formation differs between individuals. Some patients generate large amounts of calculus in a very short time, and some don’t have any. And of course there is going be a wide spectrum of variation between those two extremes. The subgingival calculus is derived from the gingival cervicular fluid (GCF), which is characterized by a higher potassium concentrate than serum or saliva. The results of (Sakson 161) work may indicate that the pellicle formed from GCF is colonized much faster than formed from saliva. Careful consideration shall be applied to the role GCF is playing in both health and disease. In health the GCF pH should be the same as the blood serum.  It is also providing the nutrients to the cells of junctional epithelium and therefore will be the source of nutrients for the sulcus and bacteria as well.
It was observed that there is an outward flow of GCF accompanied by flushes every 40 seconds which remove bacteria and metabolic products and preventive inflow of saliva. The periodontal sulcus is a self-sustaining enclave of an ecosystem, not requiring nutrients from outside sources like the oral cavity. In disease, the composition and pH will change reflecting on the presence of inflammatory components. (Seymour 1974). The perpetual flow of GCF is reflected in matrices’ architecture of subgingival bio-film. It is like Venice, Italy built on canals up to 18 stories in height, where the nutrients from canals through capillarity are delivered to upper levels. It is an ecological marvel, utilizing all available resources of the terrain.

Subgingival plaque structure.

Photo: (A) Transversal view of a test-tube brush found in subgingival plaque composed of filamentous cells from the CFB-cluster. (B) Tannerella sp. (yellow) in a test-tube brush. (C) Longitudinal view of a test-tube brush with Lactobacillus sp. (red rods) as central structures. F. nucleatum (green) and CFB-cluster filaments radiating from the central structures. (D) Longitudinal and transversal view of a test-tube brush stained with the eubacterial probe. (E) Transversal view of the test-tube brush in panel D, composed of Synergistetes group A species. (F) Transversal view of Streptococcus sp. (green) aggregation around a central cell (not stained) in supragingival plaque. (G) Transversal view of supragingival plaque with Streptococcus sp. (green cocci) and Candida albicans (green hyphae) in the top layer of the biofilm and forming corn cob structures growing outwards. Bars are 10 µm. ( Courtesy of Vincent Zijnge, M. Barbara M. van Leeuwen, John E. Degener, Frank Abbas, Thomas Thurnheer,Rudolf Gmür,Hermie J. M. Harmsen ).
In my observation, I found a correlation between the pH of saliva and the amount and speed of calculus formation (we routinely measure pH of saliva in our patients). These findings are collaborated by numerous studies. The Henderson-Hasselbalch equation correlates that the increase in pH favors the formation of calculus. It appears that patients with pH 7 or more, like 7.4, will be the ones with most calculus on their teeth.

A few words about pH.        PH scale

The scale of pH goes from 0-7-14, where 0 represents strong acid, 7 neutral, and 14 strong base. The scale is logarithmic which means that each step is 10 times the previous one, for example a pH 4.5 is 10 times more acid than 5.5, 100 times more acid than 6.5 and 1,000 times more than 7.5.
To grasp the concept of pH lets look at the water molecule H2O. The H20 will ionize to Hydrogen (H+) and hydroxyl (OH-) ions. When ion balance is in equilibrium the pH is neutral (7), when there are more (H+) ions than (OH-) ions then the water will be acidic, when (OH-) ions outnumber the (H+) ions the water is alkaline. Minerals with negative (-) electric charge are attracted to Hydrogen (H+) ions and they are called acid minerals like: Chlorine (CL-), Sulfur (S-), Phosphorus (P-) and they form Hydrochloric acid (HCL), Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and Phosphoric acid (H3PO4). Minerals with positive (+) electric charge will be attracted to negatively charged Hydroxyl (OH-) ion, (this reaction is responsible for calculus formation in the presence of bio-film bacteria). They are called  alkaline minerals like: Calcium (Ca+), Potassium (K+), Magnesium (Mg+) and Sodium (Na+).

calcium phosphate

The bone and teeth enamel are made out of calcium phosphate. If you have lots of positively charged Hydrogen (H+) ions in your acidic saliva it will pull negatively charged Phosphate (P-) ions right out of the tooth enamel which is known as demineralization of enamel which will lead to cavity formation.  Alkaline saliva is necessary to preserve and rebuilt tooth enamel.  From all these findings it is quite obvious that detection in the human mouth of calculus, bio-film or lack of calculus cannot be considered as indicators for presence or absence of periodontal disease.
While researching the subject of periodontal disease, I had an encounter with a very interesting patient. She was a 38 old female visiting Los Angeles from out of state; she insisted on having a teeth cleaning appointment on the specific date. Later on, I found out the true reason for that requirement. That day I cleaned the cleanest teeth in my life, I found out that day was a day exactly three months from her last teeth cleaning. She was the patient who followed up the dentist’s recommendation to the last detail. She showed me a toothpaste and dental floss and stated that she is flossing and brushing her teeth after every meal, she drinks only water, and does not eat between meals: a 100% compliance to standard dental recommendation.
Her gums looked healthy and pink, and I could not visually detect the slightest form of acute inflammation. “Some of most severe cases of gum disease have excellent oral hygiene.” (Dr. Keyes). The probing revealed something which I had not anticipated in her posterior region of upper and lower molars and premolars. The pockets measured consistent 6mm, in some areas reaching 7mm deep. This example illustrates and supports the fact that mechanical means alone will never control or stop the periodontal disease, and even the most meticulous elimination of food particles will have no effect on dissolved sugars in the saliva, and cervicular fluids. Remember the French study: one drop of orange juice on the tip of the tongue.
Carlson and Ryan (25) found that hyperglycemia was invariably followed by great increase of glucose in stimulated saliva. Luisda (67) established that in healthy people there is proportional relationship between saliva sugar and blood sugar. Therefore it can be stated that saliva contains glucose under normal conditions which are proportionally reflecting the level of glucose in the blood.
Based on these findings, the only diagnosis  which would reflect the existing condition of this patient will be a form of advanced periodontal disease. She was in a state of shock and disbelief: “For last twenty years I never missed any of my three month scheduled cleaning appointments. Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?” And I know that she is not the only patient who has asked this question or will ask it in the near future.
This question is like echo banging in my head: “Why did not anybody tell me this before?” Can I attempt to answer this question honestly and truthfully without rocking the dental boat? The first thing will be to look at the facts: Dentistry in general is composed from three basic components, education; dental board exams; and dental practice. The fourth component which affects dental practice is industry and the fifth one is attorneys.
When in 1984 I was taking the California State Board exam, for the first time in California the Board introduced a new requirement on their practical exams for testing applicants on the proficiency of removal of sub-gingival calculus from patients. The requirement was to bring in a patient with sub-gingival calculus visible on dental X-rays. The procedure was to remove all the deposits and plane the root surface so the dental probe in the hand of dental examiner will freely glide over the prepared surfaces. If you were able achieve this goal and didn’t butcher the patient’s gums in the process, you would  get passing grade and become a provider of periodontal services. There were no attempts made to recognize that this is a bacterial infection and needed to be followed with adjunctive therapy such as local delivery of antimicrobial agents or host modulation that will require monitoring of the efficacy of prescribed modalities. The truth was that in this period  mainstream dentistry had nothing to offer with the exception of a few pioneering dentists who understood the underlying causes of disease and addressed the bacterial infection as the major source of the periodontal disease. Rather it was considered as mineralized deposits capable of tissue irritation and when properly removed will reverse the gums to normal state. This was based on shallow observation of the obvious. The deposits were detectable, visible and removable and everything could be resolved in macro scale so you may say what the Board requires the school will teach and the dental office will practice.
You still can find dentists today who will tell you that periodontal disease is not infectious and bacteria have not much to do with it. The first answer to the question “Why did not anyone tell me this before?” came from attorneys; they managed to successfully win big rewards in several cases by asking this question. The dental profession was caught off guard. The insurance companies quickly mobilized and started offering free of charge “Risk Management Courses” for the dentist, giving incentives in the form of continuing education credits and fee reduction for dental malpractice insurance for those who  attended the seminars.
This was a smart move by the insurance companies. In a very short time this mobilized the profession and stopped the wave of malpractice suits based on periodontal disease. Interestingly there were no attempts to scrutinize or reevaluate existing procedures but instead all emphasis was directed toward diagnosis and record keeping.  I do not need more evidence to convince myself and perhaps some of you who read this essay that most if not all of the human conditions we suffer from originate from the disruption of balance of microbiota in the human ecosystem, and our actions to try and restore the balance by means of overuse broad-spectrum antibiotics can further disrupt the body’s normal ecology, rendering the human more susceptible to bacterial, yeast and parasitic infections.
The most common shot-gun approaches with antibiotics and conventional mouthwashes, indiscriminately kill both benign and harmful pathogenic organisms and only for very short time (12 hours) actively disrupting the balance of microbiota.

lake like a mirror



Lakes symbolized aspect of feminine archetype; holds the significance of mirror; image of self-contemplation; reflection on life; escape from reality; first mirror to the man to see his reflection; fluid mass of transparency.




Streptococcus salivarius

There is a need for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the processes on a molecular level of pathogens and cellular interface in the human body which will allow for more sophisticated precision corrective approaches, without destroying the system in the process.
One promising method as a corrective measure for disrupted balances will be incorporation of probiotics with balanced nutrition. Probiotics can by used for prevention and treatment of the body where microbiota plays a role in the maintenance of physiological homeostasis. The example used for illustrating this method will be the naturally existing in human mouth bacteria, Streptococcus Salivarius. The more potent strain of S. Salivarius named BLIS-K12 was discovered and isolated by renowned microbiologist professor John Tagg at the University of Otago in New Zealand. It was noted that only 2% of human population have that strain of S. Salivarius in sufficient amounts which makes them healthier and less susceptible to bacterial infections, specifically strep throat.

Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

Strep throat infections are the leading cause for rheumatic fever which causes permanent heart damage. BLIS-K12 produces natural bacteriocines, responsible for fighting pathogenic bacteria which cause sore throats, colds, flu, and ear infections. It  primes the immune system, controls bad breath and restores healthy balance by suppressing the overgrowth of pathogens. (Journal of Applied Microbiology April 2006).
Similar strategies to eliminate competition are common among pathological strains of bacteria. Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, aerobic rod, can also easily grow without oxygen. This opportunistic pathogen can form colonies of bio-film in a variety of settings like body organs, skin wounds, gum disease, and medical devices including dental implants. Lately it has become the dominating pathogen of clinical relevance in hospital settings. The  planktonic form of  P. Aeruginosa is most vigorous and fast-swimming, propelled by single flagella. The reason for its dominance and wide spread as an infectious agent is that it relies on its strategy of gene expression by producing toxic proteins which attack and break down the cell walls of competing bacteria while protecting itself with a specific protein capable of neutralizing this destructive toxin.
The balance between health and pathology is relying on numbers of inhibitory strains of naturally colonizing oral bacteria capable of competing with pathogens and ultimately taking over its environment.

Clusters of Hillman group bacteria: S. Oralis KJ3, S. Uberis KJ2, S. Ratus JH 145. Practical application in guided pocket regeneration.

 ProBiota3® was developed by Organics chief scientist Jeffrey Hillman DMD, PhD. Based on his extensive study of oral biology, Dr. Hillman was able to recognize and isolate low acid producing strains of three bacteria from streptococcus group naturally present in a healthy mouth: S. Oralis KJ3, S. Uberis KJ2, and S. Rattus JH145.They are actively competing with S. Mutans and are capable of colonizing  the areas of sub-gingival sulcus, a normal habitat of S. Mutans. Two of the three, S. Oralis and S. Uberis produce low doses of hydrogen-peroxide which will oxidize the gum sulcus, creating an environment not suitable for anaerobic pathogens, the extra benefit from the presence of hydrogen-peroxide will be fresh breath and whiter teeth acquired naturally.

Streptococcus mutans

Remember Dr. Rosenow’s observation that anaerobic pathogens are sensitive to changes of partial pressure of oxygen in their environment. This makes those two strains of bacteria natural antagonists which, by oxygenating the terrain, will eliminate the pathogen and allow the body to initiate the healing process. The ultimate goal in treatment of periodontal disease by the means of probiotics will be the elimination of pathological strains of bacteria from their natural habitat of periodontal sulcus and the permanent replacement of them with non-infectious strains of bacteria from the group of streptococcus developed by Dr. Hillman.
At this stage there is a need to provide empirical evidence that this bacteria will colonize and maintain its presence in the habitat of periodontal sulkus permanently.     Featured in Academia News, Nov.18, 2011 a microbiologist Wenyuan Shi at the UCLA School of Dentistry developed a highly successful mouthwash which targets the harmful Streptococcus Mutans bacteria which is a primary cause for tooth decay and cavities. The STAMP C16G2 (specifically targeted antimicrobial peptides) investigational drug, tested in clinical study is disrupting the cell membrane which allows the small molecules to leak off  the cell, which is followed by loss of membrane potential and death of the cell. The action is selective only to cariogenic pathogens of S. Mutans and does not affect other non-cariogenic Streptococci. The action of a single application of the mouthwash remains  effective for an extended period of time. “With this new antimicrobial technology, we have the prospect of actually wiping out the tooth decay in our lifetime,” said Shi, who noted that this work may lay the foundation for developing additional target-specific “smart bomb” antimicrobials to combat other diseases. It will be interesting to see how the $70 billion Dental Industry will react to this patent!


In order to maintain cellular integrity, the osmotic pressure has to be equal inside the cell and outside the cell. In any space the number of cations must equal the number of anions to maintain electrical equilibrium. Extra cellular fluid resembles sea water in ionic composition with the major cation being  Na+ and major anion Cl-. There is a constant flow back and forth of intercellural-inerstital fluid and plasma of the blood vessel. We removed our bodies from the ocean, but we cannot remove the ocean from our bodies.
Whenever you are thirsty and take a drink of water, you are actually rebalancing the fluid chemistry everywhere in your inner ocean. It is a continual cycle of maintaining homeostasis; your ocean is teeming with life and has to be able to support it. 75% of your body mass is represented by water approximately 52 l. for 70 kg. male. It is stored in two major compartments: intracellular (within the cells) which constitutes 2/3 of the water which equals 33 l., and extracellular  (outside the cell) which contains the remaining 1/3 of the water which equals 19 l. Extracellular compartments consist of interstitial (between the cells) storing 14 l., plasma 3.5 l., lymph 1.5 l. All water in the body is in the form of colloidal suspension (colloid that has continuous liquid phase in which solid is suspended).
The water in the body is constantly exchanged and recycled. It is interesting to know the quantity of water is exchanged between various parts of the body, the kidney processes about 180 l/day, lymph flow amounts to1-2.5 l/day, saliva about 8 l/day, turn over in the bowel 8-9 l/day, and amount of water which diffuses in both direction through capillary wall amounts to staggering 80,000 l/day.
The watery compartments are separated from each other by semipermeable membrane (selectively permeable to some molecules, not to all molecules). My first encounter with semipermeable membranes was in my physics class in second year in high school. We conducted an experiment with the glass jar divided by a semipermeable membrane into two equal compartments. When filled with water, the water level remained equal on both sides of the membrane. For this presentation when facing the jar we will name the left and right hand chamber. When I placed in the right hand chamber baking soda, the level of water in the right chamber dramatically rose and in the left chamber the water level proportionally dropped down. The conclusion drawn from this empirical observation is that in the glass jar after the introduction of baking soda to the right chamber, we realized a force that is stronger than gravity.  
This invisible force capable of holding water on different levels in the same glass jar against the forces of gravity is a major life force of the aquatic world of the human body called osmotic pressure. This is the major force among others responsible for moving that 80,000 l. of water back and forth through capillaries. So when we originally place water in  the glass jar, the water stayed level and was isotonic (equal osmotic pressure). Then when we added sodium bicarbonate to the right side, the water became a hypertonic solution (contained a high concentration of solute relative to water in the left chamber which become hypotonic solution, low concentration of solute). Because the membrane will not allow the solute, in our case sodium bicarbonate, to diffuse to the left chamber which would equalize the osmotic pressure, the water that can pass through the membrane will flow from left to right side, from low to high concentration, from hypotonic concentration to hypertonic concentration.
This is one of the fundamental laws of physics which plays a major role in physiology and chemistry at the cellular and bacterial level. This information will help us explain the basic principals of the “Keyes Method” of non-surgical control of periodontal disease.  Dr. Keyes developed his method at the National Institute of Dental Research. The documented evidence to control periodontal disease by his method, presented in his work was so amazing, that you would think that every dentist would be using this technique. The facts are that only less than 1% of dentists follow his method. One of the statements by Dr. Keyes which explains this low rate of acceptance for his method by his peers was blamed on education, “The microbiology course in most dental schools is so superficial and irrelevant, that it’s worthless.”
The method is based on two household products sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has two atoms of hydrogen and two atoms of oxygen H-O-O-H or H2O2 will readily break down to water and oxygen: 2H2O2- 2H2O+O2 and sodium bicarbonate NaHCO3. When you combine hydrogen peroxide and baking soda the following will happen H2O2 + NaHCO3= NaOH (sodium hydroxide) + H2O (water) + CO2 (carbon dioxide) + ½ O2 (oxygen), also in presence of water (saliva)  NaHCO3 will break down to Na(+) sodium and bicarbonate ions HCO3(-). Realized carbon dioxide and oxygen are responsible for micro-bubblization foaming action (effervescence) which mechanically loosens up the food particles and the viscosity of the meniscus of periodontal pocket. Some of available oxygen will dissolve in cervicular tissue fluid, increasing the overall partial pressure of oxygen in the area. Plus free oxygen will kill anaerobe bacteria on contact. (Dr. Rosenow: anaerobe bacteria are sensitive to partial pressure of oxygen).
On the other hand, high concentrations of sodium and bicarbonate ions in the area of gum sulcus make for a hypertonic solution that will desiccate bacterium and kill them (bacteria cellular wall is a semi-permeable membrane) by drawing water from their  cytoplasm. This is an effective antimicrobial system directed against anaerobic bacterium and partially to any bacterium through desiccation.
The simplest way to master teeth brushing with peroxide/baking soda: dip the brush into peroxide, with the wet brush scoop some baking soda powder, and brush your teeth with vertical stroke for one minute per quadrant; you have to replenish your brush for each quadrant.
In Europe after the war there were shortages of basic hygiene products so we as kids were forced by parents to brush our teeth with baking soda/peroxide or salt. I remember we hated the procedure because it tasted badly, but with time we got used to it, and actually it was refreshing. There were some concerns from patients that peroxide (3%) may be carcinogenic to tissues. When you pay close attention to the chemical reactions you will see that when you start with a minute amount of peroxide, it rapidly reacts with baking soda on your brush, so actually you are exposing yourself to carbon dioxide, oxygen and water, three major components in our body. You breathe in oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide and drink water, plus there are ions of sodium and bicarbonate which are abundant in body water compartments.


Our emphasis for treatment and maintenance of periodontal disease is oriented to “guided pocket recolonization” by means of “probiotics”, the term first introduced by Lilly and Stillwel, defined as “a live microbial supplement with beneficiary effect for the host.”

Probiotics can help prevent and treat diseases through several mechanisms:

1)  Direct interaction: Probiotics interact directly with disease-causing microbes, making it harder for them to cause pathology.
2)  Competitive exclusion: Beneficial microbes directly compete with the disease developing bacteria for nutrition and adhesion  sites.
3)  Modulation of host immune response: Probiotics interact and strengthen the immune system and help prevent disease development.
The growing resistance to a wide range of antibiotics by some important pathogens has raised the possibility of returning to the pre-antibiotic dark ages. The war on bacteria with antibiotics, like any human war, is slowly turning in favor of the bacteria; the prevailing treatment of non-specific is fading in to a more specific approach. Time has come to shift the paradigm from non-specific bacteria elimination to altering bacterial ecology by probiotics. Nara et al. demonstrated that lactobacillus helveticus is able to release the short chain peptides which will stimulate osteoblasts to promote bone formation.

We already know bacterium from the bio-film of periodontal pockets does exactly the opposite, it sends signals to osteoclasts to promote bone resorption. This is another example of the duality of nature which oscillates at the extreme ends of equilibrium.

It is critical to establish good periodontal health for attaining good systemic health. From what has been presented it is obvious that periodontal infection is a continuum from innocent spark to the wildfire which will consume everything if not stopped. It is easy to blow out the match, but if this is not done the consequences can be catastrophic. Therefore it is of utmost importance to find out if your periodontal match has already sparked. You owe it to yourself to find this out, and if you are diagnosed positive, the probiotics are a promising, safe, natural and side-effect-free option.

Advances in comprehension of biological processes give us the ability to employ these friendly bacteria as nano soldiers in combating periodontal disease. The treatment is based on diagnosis of bacteriological components of pathology through enzymatic tests, radiographic assessment of alveolar bone condition through digital panoramic survey, clinical evaluation, periodontal charting, six points measurement for every tooth to establish pocket depth and the status of the disease, microscopic evaluation of the specimen from the gum sulcus, fluorescent assessment of bacteria and proteins from ultraviolet to near infrared wave length, and the pH of saliva.

We have an array of agents in our armament to combat periodontal disease with various degree of effectiveness. The selection of modality has to be based on a profound understanding of anatomy, physiology, microbiology and effects of bio-film formation introduced by pathogens to the architecture of periodontal sulcus. The genetically controlled survival skills of the pathogen combined with its intimate familiarity with the terrain of periodontium allowing the microbes to entrench themselves and create an impenetrable barrier which successfully protects the pathogen and renders most of our therapeutic agents ineffective or simply useless. It is becoming obvious that we are missing the significant part of the equation, namely the delivery system capable of precisely placing  sufficient amounts of selective therapeutic agents capable of penetrating the defenses for a sufficient amount of time, against the outflow of cervicular fluid to affect desired therapeutic outcomes.
The semi elastic perio-trays system cleared by FDA as medical device is a proven method which is capable of delivering the medication to the bottom of the sulcus or periodontal pocket. The therapeutic used with this system is a hydrogen-peroxide base gel  in combination with syrup base doxycyline in sub-biological concentration acting in the system as messenger carrier, shutting off the osteoclastic (bone resorbing) activity and activating the osteoblast to new bone formation. The system is designed as home care to be used on a daily basis for 25 minutes per session. The continuous use of the system is unloading the burden from the immune system, freeing the resources, and making them available to combat other chronic infections in the body. Patients report general improvements in their health, and in some cases radiographic evidence of bone regeneration.

For those of you who get this far, I say, thank you for reading and sharing this information, nothing is accidental, there is always reason for everything. The consequences of today are determined by the actions of yesterday. To change your tomorrow, alter your decision today, and please remember take care of your body, as this is the only place you have to live in.

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Symbol of fertility; place for the development of all creation; symbol of life it self, mystic abode of shepherd and priest; sheltering the feminine aspects; peaceful and restful area after crossing the mountain; place to settle down and start the family.


Dr. Andre W. Jaskiewicz graduated from the Medical Academy of Warsaw, Poland after a five-year curriculum, obtaining a degree in Stomatology.  In 1982, Dr. Jaskiewicz, completed a two year post-graduate education program, holding a post, as the assistant professor in Cathedra of General Dentistry in Academy, obtaining a first-degree specialty in general dentistry and periodontology. In 1984, Dr. Jaskiewicz, received his dental license, after successfully passing the Board Examinations in the State of California, receiving a title of Doctor of Dental Surgery. In 1985 through 1986, Dr. Jaskiewicz attended Loma Linda University post-graduate Study Club, and received a certification in oral implantology. Among others, Dr. Jaskiewicz holds certifications by Mid American Orthodontic Society, post-graduate certification in functional orthodontic appliances; and the 2001 Cosmetic Orthodontic Associates certification in cosmetic dental aligners. Additionally, the Consumers Research Council of America honored, Dr. Jaskiewicz with the prestigious award, of America’s Top Dentist Award for 2008.  Dr. Jaskiewicz, from 1984 has dedicated his practice to a Holistic Dental Practice in Los Angeles. In the last three years, he has devoted his time to extensive research in the subject of “ Human’s as the echo-system for bacterium.”

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